Is this all they've got?

Labour and their media flunkies like the Soper family are really clutching at straws.

This is a total beatup.

A company, on Tourism NZ retainer, lobbies for the PM to appear on Letterman so he can talk up NZ as Tourism Minister.

So now Trevor Mallard/Zetetic (http://thestandard[dot]org[dot]nz/you-paid-to-get-try-hard-john-on-the-telly/) is trying to make some kind of issue over a retainer – which is paid regardless of the activity.

This latest story from the Soper family (it first surfaced on NewstalkZB – read Barry Soper – and was followed eagerly on TVNZ – read Heather Du Plesis Allen or Mrs Soper as she is otherwise known) deserves context.

And for that we need to ask what has happened in the past? … hmm

“Taxpayers contributed $250,000 on accommodation and transport costs for the Prime Minister and the Discovery crew, which is headed by top United States travel correspondent Peter Greenberg.”

So, even if you’re gullible enough to believe that Key ‘paid for his appearance‘ as some are claiming – you have to credit him for getting a great deal.

Discovery Channel, Helen Clark = $250,000
Letterman, John Key = $10,000

Anyone remember the Helen Clark doco?

Good to see Labour still focused on the big issues – $10K for prime time US exposure – great work John Key.

Looks like Labour is still stuck on stealing underpants.


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  • Ian Wishart can hang up his keyboard – Cam’s in town.

    You should be paid for this. No matter who fucks up, you’re all over them.

    This is the only must-read blog in New Zealand

  • devlsadvocate

    You just don’t understand, Cam – its only right that we should get something for nothing. And $10,000.00 is a long way from nothing, I mean, look at all those zeroes. Have you not read the little red book?

  • reid

    Why the hell does ZB continue to employ Soper?

    He’d be much much happier at RWL.

  • reid

    Maybe you should time-stamp your posts Cam…

  • titanuranus

    Pathetic, and yet the Labour cretins still can`t understand why they are staring down the barrel of electoral humiliation in november.

  • gazzaw

    I had already heard Soper on ZB News & I was rather hoping that Susan Wood would bail him up about the snide manner of his voice when she got to interview him later in the programme. Then to watch the child bride repeat it all ad nauseum on TV One was unbelievable.

  • whafe

    You just can’t fathom just how much more pathetic Goff can get…. I mean the man must sit down to piss….

    Give me strength, these pathetic politicians make me sick…

  • Graeme Edgeler

    Not $10,000. $10,000 per month.

    • not $10,000 a month to get Letterman, and almost certainly not all of the retainer which is for other stuff as well.