Is this the gayest phone ever?

Cactus just got this phone. It is a Dell Venue Pro…which is a gay title as well, I mean what were they thinking, namin a phone for a gay hooker who works stadiums.

Anyway dear readers, what do you reckon and do we de-friend Cactus for owning a gay phone?

Thank god she decided not to stand for parliament otherwise she would have been a scum list MP, made only worse by driving a gay ute, with a handsfree for the gay phone.


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  • Phronesis

    Hard to say. Put up a picture of Cactus please.

  • sandynobb

    Any device that runs Windoze is truly gay.

  • Whafe

    Been there done that, tried a Windows phone, had it for around 1 month, have changed to an HTC Sensation on Android… Leaves the Windows mobile operating system in the dark….

  • Cactus Kate

    In my defense it is free, runs for free and compulsory for employment. Given my monthly phone bill equates to a median NZ wage, one has to do what they are told.

  • NX

    Whafe – Windows Phone or Windows Mobile?

    Windows Phone 7 is a new ball game – really smooth.

    However, the Dell Venue may not be the best model – regardless of the operating system. It’s unique feature is the vertical physical keyboard.

  • Cactus Kate

    NX I demanded a keyboard. All others are touchpad which I despise. My IT contractor is coming in tomorrow or Thursday to instal everything. If my blackberry contacts and calendar do not transfer over u will hear the murderous screams from NZ

  • diabolos

    Its definitely a neo-liberal lifestyle attachment to have .. (Cams eyes are glazing over already…) i only wish i could afford such an accoutrement.

    I have begun to realise the value of effective mobile comms personally. I’ve always looked down on early adopters of such technology .. but now i see its a good thing. Age mellows everyone i think …

    Cam – does this all mean i am becoming neo liberal in my thinking … should i seek exorcism …

    Ave Satani …

  • Matt

    I’m uncertain why it is ‘gay’.