Just wondering?

I was just wondering if the emergency Labour front bench meeting held last night at short notice was because Helen Clark had arrived back in town?

Maybe she’s on the warpath and Phil is sorting out the barricades.

Looks like serious trouble brewing.

She’s back. And she sounds serious.

Ms Clark would not comment on why she was here, only saying that she would not be giving interviews and was “home on family business”.

No wonder there was an emergency meeting of Labour’s front bench last night. The signs are ominous.

She will probably still be here too when the Roy Morgan hits. Oh dear, looks like a rough week for Labour.


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  • Told you it was this week or not at all…

  • insider

    Annual conjugal rights visitation?

    • TitanUranus

      Yeah,but who is getting bent over?

      Three guesses , lol

  • So the next one will be headed Txts from Waihi then?

  • gazzaw

    Is the other H with her?

  • mickrodge

    The Emperor has returned to check progress on the death star.

    He won’t be happy…I can see some whoop ass being distributed.

  • Gazza

    She’s in Oamaru for a function tonight, in response to a local group which has been very involved in helping out in Haiti. I’ll check on the Labour leadership issue with her then. Anyone got some good barbeque recipes I could pass on to her? :)

    • gazzaw

      Goofy on a spit??

  • gazzaw

    Annette King wasn’t available to do her regular ZB slot this morning. Trev was the substitute – can we read anything into this?

    • TitanUranus

      Trev is biting the pillow?

  • Optimist Prime

    Maybe she is signing up for the SAS – scary.

  • mickrodge

    Oamaru…hope she’s not driving back to Christchurch.

    • Just Right


  • Anton

    Labour are filthy liars and the sooner they implode the better.

  • jabba

    well hubby seems to stay here in NZ and not visit her in the states so she has to come back to see him .. he must be hanging out for a shag by now

    • thor42

      “Hanging out for a shag”, yes – but not with his utterly-ugly “wife” (if you can indeed assign the female gender to the Clark-beast…… ).
      Ewwwwwwwwww………. the very thought of the Clark-beast engaging in “intimate activities” makes me feel queasy….

  • Doc

    Got a good one for barbecue duck, slow roasted on the rotisserie…

    First, get bicycle seat….

  • Mort

    Got a good one for barbecue duck, slow roasted on the rotisserie…

    First, get bicycle seat….

  • Mort

    Can anyone tell my why I can’t post from Firefox here?

  • Doc

    Can anyone tell me why I cannot post via Firefox onto here?

  • NZ should be ashamed for being represented at the U.N. and world stage by Helen clark. She has been a total failure at the head of UNDP. During her tenure she has failed to institutionalize any meaningful reforms while her record on transparency and accountability is the worst in the past 10 yrs at the helm of U.N.’s Development Agency.

    On the other side instead of promoting NZ young generation and involving them into UN work around the world, the best she could do is to hire old NZ Socialist and Communists and bring them to U.N. Does NZ have bright professionals? Does NZ have know-how to share with the rest of the world?

    Is this the best NZ could offer to the world? What a shame!

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