Key's top ten reasons to come to New Zealand

The PM has released his video that was sent to Letterman to Stuff. You can’t embed their videos but through the wonders of technology here it is on Youtube.

Can anyone even try to contemplate Helen Clark trying to do this….or god forbid Phil Goff.


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  • michaels

    Real people doing real things that’s all we ask for.
    Obama may be one of the few that have this nature.

    Klark? Not even warm.
    Goff? You gotta be fucking kidding me. Tell lies is all that man can do.

  • And there folks, is the key to John Key’s popularity; he can laugh at himself, and he doesn’t mind other people laughing at him. For far too long our pollies have been aloof, spoken with a plum in their mouths, or been arrogant and unapproachable. Key is none of those, and it’s a quality that people find refreshing, except those who can’t handle his popularity and who seek to drag him down to their level.

  • ltchop

    Man if we have to pay $$$$ to some marketing outfit you would think they would at least ensure it could be understood
    tun tup rissin to cim to noo zillind …. great Mr Key you can see a whole bunch of Americans running to their travel agents … and the travel agents saying where the f…k is noo zillind ? Piss poor expenditure of our tax payer dollars.

    • whafe

      Itchop – Wow, you are the one….. So you are telling me that Clark or Goof could come across better?? Give me strength clown pants….

      If you Pinko’s actually admitted that Key has a way with the people, you will be half way there to work out how to beat him. Instead you are all in denial of this….

    • Agent BallSack

      ….Much better to fund hip hop tours around the world like Labour? Or the braying toilet Aunty was so proud about?

      • ltchop

        I was thinking about the hip hop tours the other day when I saw that the New Zealand team send to the world champs just won a bevvy of medals – including a couple of world titles ! Just because these kids are not ballroom dancers – does not make their acheivements any the less – they are highly talented athletes in a very competitive sport – celebrate it !!!

        • I do!

          But does it need tax payers’ money?

          • ltchop

            Well every other ‘sport’ does – govt funds SPARC – we are bulk funding funded the RWC to mega $$$$$, which on the best estimates will return to the tax payer an enormous loss. If you begrudge a few kids the opportunity of a lifetime – for which they deliver (gold) – then you have a very different sense of reality than I do. These kids ARE our future – what future they have we decide . We either invest in them on our terms ( and we know the failure statistics for that) or we take a punt and invest in theirs – oh what a payback – not only in big world outside out little cosy country – but a world where their culture is celebrated – the alternative on back on the streets of South Auckland where everyone wants to kick them in the gutter. TI think that is an easy decision – I’d back spending that $10k on these kids than any silly marketing company tryig to suck up to the US TV networks !

    • gazzaw

      He talks like a real Kiwi Itchop and whats more he can smile on TV without looking like a wrecked grand piano.

  • deputy

    Priceless. He is the man…

    Just unable to see the beast trying this with her fixed sneering look scaring children.

    • whafe

      Would cost to much to Photoshop a 1 minute video of the beast ;)

  • deputy

    Just noticed that the beast has a bitch.. Clare C from Dunedin. Another of the devils spawn from down here trying to smear JK.

  • Ramjam

    Can anyone tell me how many seconds of air time $10knzd could buy at the time on CBS during the Letterman show (ya know the bits between the show when ppl ain’t actually watching, Ad breaks I think they call them) I have no idea, but humour me and tell me its 3 mins (6 ads thru 1 show)… But I know for a fact writing, making and producing the advert would take all the 10k & lots more

    • gazzaw

      Get real Ramjam. Prime time coast to coast rates range between US$230,000 and US$620,000 for one 30 second ad. Go figure what JK’s 3 minutes was worth on that basis and I reckon the NZ taxpayer is getting pretty good mileage out of our PR people in the US.

  • Andy C

    I think it’s a brilliant idea. There are serious numbers of Letterman viewers who will “follow their leader” , the USD/NZD cross is down the tube and I think you’ll be lucky to see any Americans here next year. Air NZ needs the bums on seats and if Letterman can do for NZ what Oprah did for Sydney then it’s all good. Not sure about the Oprah day though ??