Killer Intersections

NZTA has released its list of top 15 killer intersections:

New Zealand’s most dangerous intersections have been revealed for the first time.

The New Zealand Transport Agency disclosed the 15 intersections that have claimed the most injuries and deaths – showing the number of injury crashes had increased 25 per cent in the past year.

There were seven injury or fatal crashes on the corner of Auckland’s Great South Rd and Main Highway, Ellerslie, and the same number on the corner of Customs St West and Albert St in the city.

There were 60 injury crashes on the worst 15 intersections – up from 48 the previous year.

The Customs Street West, Albert Street Intersection is confusing with two sets of one way roads converging.

Killer Intersection - Customs Street West and Albert Street

Killer Intersection - Customs Street West and Albert Street

Main Highway intersecting with Great South Road is likewise a confusing mess.

Killer Intersection: Main Hwy and Great South Road, Ellerslie

Killer Intersection: Main Hwy and Great South Road, Ellerslie



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  • Mr Blobby

    They say deaths and injuries. Merely playing with statistics, propaganda.

    How many people have died at the intersection of Customs Street West and Albert Street.

    This is after all the main statistic they use for justifying the overuse of the traffic (revenue) fine system.

    I suspect strongly that the vast majority of road fatalities happen out side of New Zealand’s largest city with the majority of revenue being collected from New Zealand’s largest City, rising to biblical proportions when you add in local body revenue.

    More people die from suicide than road fatalities. But we don’t see graphic pictures of the aftermath of Suicide, not even the road fatalities that are suicides, spoon feed to us by the marketing companies to justify the Fine Revenue.

    Given that the fine system has failed why do we persist with it, if not for revenue purposes?

  • Joes


    Have you got quite a few fines for breaking the law whilst driving?

    What makes you think it’s not working? According to the stats (# of deaths & injuries not made up) then there are actually less injuries on the roads. This is a combination of policing, road improvements, vehicle improvements etc, ….. unless you have some kind of evidence to show us that fines do not contribute to safer driving.

    Don’t drive stupid and don’t get fined. Seems simple to me.