Labour candidates still breaking the law

Over the weekend Steve Chadwick’s hoardings were erected in Rotorua. Photos have been sent in via the tipline.

Unfortunately for Steve Chadwick, the Electoral Commission is very clear in that election hoardings cannot be put up until allowed under the Electoral Act which is 2 months before an election.

The Electoral Act 1993 allows for election signs up to three square metres in size to be put up in the two months before election day.
This provision overrides any local authority rules about size and timing of the display of signs.

Yet again it appears that Labour’s candidates are breaching the Electoral Act and it looks liek I will have to lay another complaint with the Electoral Commission.

Now you may think that this is just a simple case of the lowest ranked Labour list MP breaking the law (bylaw?).  In fact this is Labour continuing to break the law as they seem to have since the beginning of the year. If Labour can’t follow simple laws then how can they expect the voting public to elect them to government.

I note also that she is not asking people to vote Labour, just for her. More unbranding. Big candidate name, little Labour logo.


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  • Justin

    There is labour hoardings all over christchurch

  • Gary

    Clayton Cosgrove has his hoardings up in Christchurch already as well.

  • Gary

    Clayton Cosgrove has his hoardings up already in Christchurch.

  • symgardiner

    You have to wonder what it will take to get these guys to comply with the law. The threat of fines seems to not work.

  • Scanner

    Not only has “he” put a sign with “his” face on it, but further down the road he has erected a grossly exaggerated replica of one of his balls.

  • Spiker

    “Signs may be put up earlier if local authority rules allow” Does Rotorua allow for this? Or am I reading it wrong?

  • Spam

    There are a lot of Andrew Little hoardings up around New Plymouth – have been for a while. Can’t recall if they expressly say “vote” on them.

  • Placement of billboards is covered by local council bylaws: different in every city and district. Whether a particular billboard is legal at a particular time will depend on these. I think there’s one council that allows the billboards at any time, others might require resource consent because they’re otherwise banned.

    What the Electoral Act says is: in the two months before the election, you can ignore local council bylaws and put up your billboards pretty much anywhere, as long as they aren’t bigger than 3 sq m.

    In the two months preceeding the election, Steve Chadwick’s billboards would almost certainly be lawful. Outside that time, they may be lawful depending on what the local bylaws say about signage.

  • Allan R

    Notice how little emphasis Clayton is giving to Labour on his signs. The signs are almost white with only strip of red along the bottom.

    Contrast that with the sign Brendon Burns has erected that is all red.

    • I have some photos of Brendon Burns signs that are very similar to Clayton’s. Tomorrow’s post.

  • lordmontrose

    There’s a couple of John Banks billboards on a trailer by the side of the road in Remuera.
    I can’t see a current licence and WOF on it. Plate L641Y
    The smashed tail light should fail a WOF.

  • rouppe

    Interesting that…. I’ve seen the link you posted. However I decided to check. They mention the Electoral Act so I looked it up. It appears that the section they are referring to is section 221B. However Section 221 was repealed.

    A search for the phrase has thrown up the Electoral (Advertisements of a Specified Kind) Regulations 2005 which was changed in January 2011.

    The guts of the regulation is section 5 through 8 which

    apply only during the period beginning 2 months before polling day and ending with the close of the day before polling day

    However the regulations are all about road safety and specifically section 5(c) says:

    nothing in these regulations limits or prevents the display before polling day of any advertisement relating to an election that complies with all applicable prohibitions or restrictions imposed in any enactment or bylaw, or imposed by any local authority

    So you can put up hoardings if they comply with local bylaws. This rule specifically allows you to put up advertisements that breach local bylaws in the last 2 months as long as they don’t look like road signs, or are reflective, or move…