Latest polls – bad news for Labour all round

3News Reid Research poll:

National: 54% down 1.1%
Labour: 28.8% down 1.1%
Greens: 9.3% up 0.2%
Maori: 1.5% up 0.2%
NZ First: 2.2% no change
ACT: 2.2% up 0.5%
Mana: 0.9% up 0.2%

Preferred PM

John Key: 53.3%
Phil Goff: 8.7%

One News Colmar Brunton polls:

National: 56% up
Labour: 30% up
Greens: 6%
Maori: 1.4%
NZ First: 2.3%
ACT: 1.7%
Mana: 0.9%

Preferred PM

John Key: 57% [highest ever rating in history of Colmar Brunton]
Phil Goff: 8%

One thing is certain, Labour’s capital gains tax went down like a cup of cold sick and National’s welfare changes are popular.

Phil Goff can’t win, Guyon Espiner describes his and Labour’s belief that they can win as “delusional”.

Labour are going to lose some good MPs while old tuskers remain warming seats postponing Labour’s much needed renewal for at least another cycle.

I might have lost a cycle race today but the results of distracting Labour’s campaign manager for 12 weeks are really showing through. Clearly training to beat a fat blogger was more important than running Labour’s campaign.


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  • thor42

    This is good news. I’m a bit surprised that the welfare policy announcement didn’t give the Nats much of a lift. I was expecting them to at least be around 58% or so after that.
    Still disappointing to see that there are almost 30% of voters who are braindead enough to want to vote Labour.

  • peterwn

    Bike race sounds like variation of an old political trick. If someone from an opposing party knocks on your door, you do not send them packing. You invite them in for a cup of tea and keep them engaged in discussion as long as possible. That is then several doors they have not knocked on.

  • Whafe

    I don’t think any of us are surprised. I actually thought the results would be worsenfor Labour.

    A very hard situation for Labour & Goff. Goff as nil traction, in fact going backwards. A few in his senior team are working against him, and that is not to say they are good performers. Labour are in a world of shit. Whale mentioned a dead man walking, that totally sums up Phil Goff.

    Something that I focus on when employing staff. Look for 3 things – Talent, Knowledge & Skills (amongst other things), Knowledge & Skills are transferable, however talent isn’t.

    Tell me someone in the Labour party that has talent?

    • Warren

      Jacinda Adern

  • rob

    from a previous labour voters perspective
    I see that the Herald Articles havent worked for Labour. Labour is calling out to people but not even an echo is returning. Now a 26% split between the left ,and the right. With the Greens dropping ,and Labour picking up the slack. Do we smell a big Barbecue season coming on for Labour. All my family use to vote Labour, my mum, my dad, my aunties,my uncle but they have all switched. Labour has disenfranchised itself from its own voters. By chasing fringe votes. Who would ever in their life see the Westcoast falling to National.Labour is all about Tax ,and Spend nothing about productivity. As long as you take economics advice from the Fabian Socialists you will continue to languish in the polls. Place more importance on your core voters ,and less on the Pink vote ,and you just might turn it around. No one in the country at the moment sees anyone in Labour capable of economic vision or capable of running a company yet alone a country. Get rid of the job for the boys mentality stop bringing in tired union hacks, and start bringing in smart business people. If the country cant earn you cant spend you big government and Socialist ideals look extremely hollow. If not laughable.

  • jabba

    I thought Labour would got up a little due to the election getting closer and the lower paid being told those rich pricks are exploiting them. I guess that message isn’t working.
    Our union people (earning an av of about 105k) had a strike last week and likely to do so again this week. I saw one of the leaders on telly today with Goff .. mmm, and the EMPU main man is an Aussie .. mmmm

  • Axle

    Trev 1 – Blubberfuckedbymydaddy nil. Keep blogging cunt, We live to hate,

    • Thank you for your comment Alex Burton, manager production, NZ Film Archive. Nice to see you think it is acceptable for a civil servant to use his work email to abuse people on the internet.

    • MarkM


      You are a great example of why the Civil Service needs restructuring.
      People of your intellect shouldnt be guaranteed a job for life.
      In fact if ability was a prerequisite for a job , you wouldnt have one.
      Come to Christchurch their are plenty of labouring jobs available

  • Cadwallader

    He’s a loser.