Limbering up for the house

Cathy Odgers is warming up for the house by dispatching pinkos with one acerbic comment. Darien Fenton, number 18 on Labour’s list, must have just shot  up to venture onto Cathy’s wall. Bet she won’t do that again soon.



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  • thor42

    Heh…. ***rooowrrrrrr……hissss*** :)

  • Matt

    The prospect of having someone like her in parliament is very exciting.
    If she was high enough up on the list, even if Rodney was leader I may have even give Act my support.

  • Darien Fenton at #18 eh? How low does Labour have to descend for #18 on the list to be in danger Cam?

  • Chris

    When’s Cathy Odgers going to learn how to write properly? Her grammar is appalling. She can hardly string two sentences together and her use of the apostrophe is worse than the average NZ signwriter’s. No wonder she’s felt the need to banish herself to Hong Kong where few are likely to notice. Is she really a lawyer? You know what they say about people who can’t write. She really lets the side down.

    • I think you will find it is the iPad auto spell checker that caused the problem.