Mallard and Neigh-neigh demoted?

Labour seems to be very sensitive. They tossed the upstanding and honourable “Pedro” Gower from their offices today for no apparent reason. He of course tweeted the results of his getting thrown from the offices. It is hard to see how this sort of behaviour towards gallery journalists is going to help their so-called media “problem.

Perhaps they are sensitive to the apparent demotion of Trevor Mallard. He has been moved from his prozed seat on the front bench and sent to the second bench and Neigh-neigh Ardern has been sent to the back bench. Meanwhile Hone Harawira has confirmed his snout is firmly in the trough by having his seat moved to the front bench showing he is now a parliamentary leader of a party and all the extra funding that entails.

Here is the new seating plan that was sent to the tipline. I have added arrows and highlights. It looks like Charles Chauvel has taken over Mallard’s responsibilities. Labour are set to be more inept in the House.


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  • So; is Trevor still the Shadow Leader of the House? He’s been awfully silent today.

  • Good grief. What does Phil think he is achieving here? Martyrdom isn’t what the Labour Party needs right now.

  • Cactus Kate

    Chauvel for Mallard?

    Good swap.

    If you were conducting a pie eating competition and wanted a counterweight for Parekura.

  • Rusty Kane

    Demoting Mal­lard might win favour.. but relegating their up and coming young star’s to the back beach won’t.. especially with their young voters.

  • kevin

    Now that will make a difference to… nothing.

  • sthnjeff

    Interesting re Trevor, but i think neigh-neigh has been in that seat a while,,,

  • michaels

    Just as well Neigh Neigh has big fucking ears as well.

  • Old Logger

    Shuffling chairs on the titanic

  • Peter S

    The positioning of Ardern has more to do with providing an attractive backdrop for front bench speakers when on TV, than any ranking. Mallard’s move is clearly a demotion; is he still campaign manager?

  • peterwn

    There is no need to have to get a hard copy of the seating plan (complete with folds). The latest plan is available for download on the Parliament web site.

  • Sheriff

    The duck and the pony walk hand and hand into the sunset. Two down. Who will be next. Not bloody goof who will let other people take the fall for him

  • pdm

    Trev seemed to be in the front row at question time.

  • abjv

    Have we just missed an attempted coup that failed?

  • DT

    Well, if anything did happen, it happened a week ago. The current seating plan does have Mallard in the second row and Ardern at the back, but it has been that way since August 2nd. Now if the explanation is anything like what Cam is suggesting the Nats would have been all over it by now. They haven’t, so I suspect that there is probably a more straightforward explanation. But don’t let the truth get in the way…

    • The document says 2 August, but ast week there weren’t any changes. This week, ie today was the first day Duck sat at the back.

      • DT

        Interesting… I take it back then.

      • DT

        Interesting…. In that case I eat my words.

      • DT

        interesting – in that case I eat my words.

        • tristanb

          Eat them again!

  • Dion

    That seating plan is a great visual illustration of how devoid of talent the labour front bench has become.

    With the exception of Parker and Robertson, it’s basically a bunch of worn out old cabinet ministers and sanctimonious, smarmy pricks from the Helengrad.

    How many election losses is it going to take for them to figure that out? (not that I’m complaining :-))