Meet Pat Newman – Part One

The Labour party candidate in Whangarei is Pat Newman. He is also one of a num­ber of prin­ci­pals who plot­ted to take over the School Trustees Asso­ci­a­tion.

He is also making a foray into social media and his latest wall post is a real eye-opener. He calls his boss, Education Minister Anne Tolley stupid and “Ayatolley”. Not bad for these guys who have compared Tolley to Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels before.

To think these people teach our youth. The spelling mistakes and grammatical erros are great.




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  • Mully

    You know what they say about godwins’s law. Labour have already lost

    Although, could Tolley, as this clown’s boss, say she has lost trust and confidence in him and give him the sack? That’d be awesome.

  • coge

    OFGS. Just another third rate Labour bully boy. The name calling gives it away every time.

  • Rufus

    I wish the fat prick would brush up on his spelling, and poor sentence structure.

    Not exactly a wonderful example to the kids, is he?

    What a boof- head.