Meet Pat Newman – Part Three

Pat Newman, Labour’s candidate for Whangarei, thinks it is ok to call the Education Minister “Ayatolley”. He also thinks that the National party are killing kids.

This is the same Pat Newman that Phil Goff is happy to be photographed with arm in arm. It is bad enough that this guys is teaching our kids but much worse that he is trying to become a member of parliament.

Thankfully he is only number 58 on the Labour list and therefore highly unlikely to get into parliament. Labour would need 48% in order to deliver Pat Newman into parliament.


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  • Brian Smaller

    He looks like one of those middle aged Westerners who go to Asia on sex hoildays. The other one is a fat teacher.

    • thor42

      Nice one…… ;)

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Sounds like Alfred E.

    If someone would knock one of his front teeth out, he sould fit in very well with Labour just now.

  • gazzaw

    Wasn’t he involved in some nastiness a couple of years back. Intimidating a colleague because she supported National Standards? He’s hardly likely to challenge polling station staff maths too much when counting the votes so at 58th on the list he probably needs to keep his day job (sorry pupils!). I can’t see him being aty the forefront of Labours 2014 lineup either.