Mental Health Break

Can Trevor Mallard push his aging and crippled body around like this?

Could he beat the Whale over a course like this?


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  • P1LL

    wow , that guy is amazing !

  • Gavfaemonty

    The genius Scotsman Danny Macaskill. Sport or art?

  • Ciaron

    The backflip was almost as good a Mike Escamilla’s double peg grind to back flip.

  • Exclamation Mark

    This should be shown to all high school students with the following message drummed into them afterwards:

    If this one man can dedicate himself to his hobby and perform the amazing feats you have just seen, if one man can spend what would ammount to tens of thousands of hours of practice to be able to do things here that would result in serious injury or even death if they were attempted by nearly every other human being on earth – just imagine what you can acheieve if you really try. There is almost no limit to what a human can do if they set their minds to something. Don’t waste your life making excuses for yourself and saying “I can’t”