Mental Health Break – Insane!

I think the helmet is wearing him for protection.

Jeb Corliss is mad.


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  • thor42

    Amazing! That’s a very cool “flying squirrel”-type outfit he’s got on.
    Definitely crazy……

  • Richard McGrath

    Almost appeared as though he was flying horizontally at times. Any idea of his speed? It looked damned fast!

    • TitanUranus

      Regular skydiving it takes about 10seconds and 1000 ft to get to terminal velocity of 120mph ,with the wingsuit they can slow their vertical descent to speeds as slow as 33mph ,I assume that transfers to around 100mph horizontally but I`m sure some the more mathematically astute here could correct this assumption.

      Check out this clip for more awesomeness,

  • David

    That is frickin’ awesome!!! “I came extremely close on that one.” ha ha ha. Mad alright.

  • B Whitehead

    He is going about 120mph according to some of the other video footage.

  • Phronesis

    Good bloke Jeb. He could be the first to actually land one of these wingsuits. With regard to the previous post regarding the nanny state this sort of thing is still illegal in NZ. Sadly the rule book regarding jumping off the ground was never thrown out and all forms of flying are absurdly over regulated still. I suspect running is actually illegal in NZ as by definition you leave the ground.