More indicators for Jones

More indicators that Shane Jones is running a media blitzkreig.

THE  NATION UPCOMING SATURDAY 27/08/11 1030 — SUNDAY EDITION 28/08/11 0830 — TV3

  1. Colin James
  2. Carmel Sepuloni, Stuart Nash, Carol Beaumont (Labour MPs) — panel on what Labour is trying to say to NZ
  3. Shane Jones (Labour Maori Affairs Spokesperson) — one on one with Duncan Garner
  4. Historian James Belich — extended interview with Sean Plunket

Interesting too that it takes Stuart Nash, Carol Beaumont and Carmel Sepuloni to try to tell us what Labour is saying. Has Goff finally realised that no one is listening to him?


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  • pdm

    “Inter­est­ing too that it takes Stu­art Nash, Carol Beau­mont and Carmel Sepu­loni to try to tell us what Labour is say­ing. Has Goff finally realised that no one is lis­ten­ing to him?”

    Obviously they have also realised that none is listeneing to that tired old lot of – King, Mallard, Horomia, Dyson, Cunliffe, Parker, Barker and Chadwick too. Mind you Beaumont and Sepuloni are hardly an inspiration to anyone.

  • Rusty Kane

    Those who inherit their positions from their predecessors should know better than to think they can lead.

  • jabba

    if Labour need to rely on Beaumont and Sepuloni then they really are stuffed. Those two let loose close to a poll will take Labour well below 25%

  • Ramjam

    I agree with Jabba, Those two should cost them about 25% of the 30%. The Greens will think all their Christmas’s have come at “wonce”