More Labour lies

Labour continues to use taxpayer funds to lie to the population.

There “Not for Sale” flyers are still being distributed.

An astute reader noticed that the fifth bullet point says:

It is obvious from articles in the media yesterday that CGT will apply to the family home – where a person works from home or has a home office.
This is just another example of the Labour party using taxpayer funds to lie to the public of New Zealand. They say “Never” on their brochure but actually never doesn’t mean never, it means maybe.



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  • adolffiinkensein

    They should be taken before the Commerce Commission for untruthful advertising. Not for the little error on ‘business use’ but for the deliberately misleading use of the word ‘never.’

    Any future administration, were it so inclined, with a flick of a pen or maybe a parliamentary vote, could change the legislation to include the family home.

  • peterwn

    If you want to claim tax deductions on your ‘home office’ it is not part of your home – it is your office. So the argument that the ‘office’ part should be subject to any capital gains tax is impeccible. The home owner can make a commercial decision whether he / she is better off claiming tax deductions offset later by CGT, or not claiming tax deductions and not being exposed to CGT. It is that simple.

  • gazzaw

    This is a point that needs vigorous highlighting by Liabore’s opponents. How many thousands of middle & working Kiwis now work from home-based offices due to improved technology, employment law or just individual choice? Just another point that Silent T has conveniently omitted to tell us but never mind the ‘Expert Panel’ will reveal all in due course. The PSA will love this move with the creation of a new IRD department of inspectors/assessors to calculate just what portion of a home will be liable for CGT.

  • jimmie

    Peterwn its not just about business deductions – its what happens when the home owner dies and the house is passed on to a family member – if they sell it then Labour’s CGT hits them. Imagine if the original owner had lived in it for 50 years. If it is sold say 51 years later thats a massive Capital Gain thats gona be taxed

    But it aint gona happen labour is in the toilet about now just waiting for someone to hit the flush button.

  • funkdup

    Frankly I think not applying CGT to the family home is a fatal flaw in Labour’s CGT policy given how many of their constituents can’t afford a family home.