More positioning from Jones

I’m not a regular follower of Maori Television, but the shameless Shane Jones positioning had me visiting their website today.

What is interesting, aside from the Jones positioning, is that it appears former Labour leadership contender John Tamihere has also heard the story about Goff offering to resign at the now infamous front bench meeting.

It also now appears that at the same meeting Goff was given a rocket for playing politics with the SIS briefing, then lying about it.

“It is also understood that at a caucus meeting a fortnight ago MPs Mr Jones and Lianne Dalziel criticised Mr Goff’s handling of the SIS issue.”

So, to rub salt into very raw wounds, Labour MPs are now being forced to endure Goff’s continuing denials that he offered to resign. Most Labour people that I deal with have had enough of the recidivist offending and some are obviously now talking to the MSM.

Below is the Shane Jones/John Tamihere item as it screened on Maori TV on Tuesday.  The full story makes shameless Shane’s positioning even more obvious.

As usual, Labour’s blaming the media for daring to report the fact that MPs are talking, rather than taking some responsibility for the Goff shambles themselves.

Blame the media



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  • Someone’s obviously still whispering in John Tamihere’s ear; are he and Jones good mates?

  • thor42

    “Positioning from Jones.”
    Sounds like he’s getting comfortable for a night of porn…….