National's next leader?

Yesterday’s post dealt with the heavy weights. Today’s looks at the up and coming ministers.

Jonathan Coleman – Head boy of Auckland Grammar so a real talent. Perhaps hasn’t made as much impact in parliament as expected but hasn’t been noticed in a portfolio pinkos get excited about so must be doing a good job.


  • Good operator, sensible and not too prone to making mistakes, following the Helen Clark approach of not pissing anyone off
  • Solid performer since entering parliament


  • Mate of McCully
  • Got whacked in a tobacco company corporate box when at a concert with Simon Power
  • Hasn’t really registered on the public consciousness
  • Hasn’t made friends with enough MPs to get half of caucus to vote for him

Paula Bennett – A top notch operator who is proving she is electable by winning a seat that is red. Labour no longer go her in the house because she smacks back hard.


  • Very electable, very likable and bloody hard working on the campaign trail
  • Hunts pigs
  • Great personal story meaning she can say to bludgers “I’ve done it so why can’t you”


  • Mate of McCully
  • Hasn’t hunted pigs for ages and has weight issues related to not charging around the bush after some dogs and carrying out pigs
  • Needs to stop wearing haute couture and stick to  leopard skin
  • Following the McCully theory hasn’t really done enough with other members of caucus to get them to vote for her
  • Not many pig hunters are major donors to the National Party

Nathan Guy – A good keen man who has a lot of friends in National.


  • lots of mates, always good to have a beer with unless his missus tells him to come home
  • wins a lot of votes through hard work and being a good bloke
  • reminds long time National members of a young Jim Bolger
  • Runs a good electorate operation and is regarded as having the best interests of National at heart


  • Eyebrows
  • Wears Parliamentary Rugby Team blazer when he is long retired
  • Not much profile with the public and limited chances to raise his profile
  • Former councillor so might get the local government portfolio

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  • Ross

    I’d be interesting on your analysis of the young ‘uns. Woodhouse, Bridges, Adams, Tremain, Goodhew etcetera.