Neutering the Police

It seems to me that the continuation of the UK riots comes about because of the long term neutering of the police by liberal panty-waists. That has led to the Police being timid.

The question that hangs over British policing is this: have the number of investigations, inquiries and tragic mistakes left the force fearful of disapproval, of being accused of insensitivity? Have they lost their determination to act swiftly and resolutely?

The European experience is instructive. It is true that no police force gets public order right all the time.

Last year the French police had to deal with wide-scale protests over pension reform. Certainly in Paris they deployed large numbers of CRS riot police and gendarmes. Often the numbers of police overwhelmed the protesters. The impression given was that the police wanted to intimidate protestors from starting unrest.

At demonstrations they employed snatch-squads: teams of up to 10 men in plain clothes who went into a crowd and pulled out those they regarded as “les casseurs” – “the breakers”.

Again they were pro-active when demonstrations ended. One night I watched them swamp La Place de la Bastille. They liberally and sometimes controversially used pepper spray and tear gas but they psychologically had the upper hand and those who might have had riot in mind dispersed.

Hit them hard, with overwhelming force, soon breaks their resolve to throw stones.

What emerges is that there is never one answer to unrest. What does appear important is the mindset of the police officers and their units. In order to be bold and assertive they need to be confident, and confidence grows from public and political support.

For part of the battle on the streets is psychological. A mob smells uncertainty. In Hackney yesterday young men attacked shops within sight of police lines. They felt the streets belonged to them. That, too, is the lesson from Europe. History or controversy weighs heavily on forces facing unrest.

There is no excuse for rioting. It should be crushed without mercy. Violent civil disobedience must be met with force. Perhaps we could loan the UK government Crusher to sort out the rioters.


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  • rouppe

    Dogs that roam uncontrolled and damage property (e.g. livestock) can be summarily shot.

    This lot don’t seem dis-similar to feral dogs that are roaming London and damaging property.

    Just shoot them… Only take half a dozen to go down to solidify the thinking of those taking advantage of the situation

  • Jeeves Ponzi

    “Hit them hard, with over­whelm­ing force, soon breaks their resolve to throw stones.

    There is no excuse for riot­ing. It should be crushed with­out mercy. Vio­lent civil dis­obe­di­ence must be met with force. Per­haps we could loan the UK gov­ern­ment Crusher to sort out the rioters.”

    Really Whale??
    In Ireland they ended up burying a lot of people who made such comments, or more commonly, burying the poor young soldiers who were forced to wage the wars of fat old men with cigars.

    I think the best though is this:

    “Hit them hard, with over­whelm­ing force, soon breaks their resolve”.

    That’s just priceless. Statements like that deservedly got laughed at for their sheer utter delusion.

    How about a lesson in real civil unrest for you, from an old timer:

    Hit them hard, and they’ll grow in number,
    with overwhelming force, and even the law abiding will join them
    soon breaks their resolve to throw stones, and then they’ll pick up arms and keep going, because they have nowhere else to go.

    Your opinion is idiotic.And proven as so.

    • Ahhh a real give them hugs and cuddles while they throw bottles and set fires. Give them a cold shower for a few hours and see how they enjoy rioting as night sets in.

    • tristanb

      Bullshit. He’s not talking about peaceful protesters, he’s talking about the absolute cunts who are looting shops and robbing and assaulting people.

      I assure you that if the police started properly dealing to these pieces of shit, that the majority of England would be on their side. People are sick of being fucked over by those who don’t care about the law, because the worst that would ever happen in the 1% chance of being caught is a 50 hour community sentence for vandalism.

      We all know these bastards are no good. And I don’t blame the majority of Britain for wanting them punished and deterred properly.

  • Gravdodger

    You raise a very valid warning WO, The demeaning footage of helpless Police watching crime being committed in front of their eyes is where we are headed.

    I know the scum that flourished in CHCH post Feb 22nd were very aware of the different attitude and response of the Aussie cops who came over to bolster our local police. One perp very quickly put his hands up and confessed when they responded to assist one pair of NZ police who were making no headway with a burglar caught red handed.

    Our police and in particular the pansys at Police HQ need to harden up and the PCA and soft cocks at Justice need to give them the support they need.

  • robert


  • thor42

    I completely agree that the police (at least the UK police) have been “neutered”, and in my opinion, it is irreversible.
    They are indeed afraid of disapproval. They have completely forgotten why they are there in the first place – TO KEEP ORDER.
    Have a look at this video-clip (from two years ago) – it shows the police **running away** from a group of angry Muslim protesters –

    The neutering of the UK police is part of their problem. The **other** part is that they have been “captured” by the politically-correct groups, and are no longer even remotely “impartial”.

  • sandynobb

    Deploy the Household Cavalry (if they’re more than just show ponies) with their sabres to clear the rabble. Because, as Lance-Corporal Jones said of the fuzzy wuzzies, “They don’t like it up ’em!”.

    • gazzaw

      Sandy, the Household Cavalry are certainly more than show ponies. Their active role is Forward Armoured Reconnaissance when the horses and sabres are swapped for armoured combat vehicles. They do their bit in all of the normal trouble spots.

  • orange

    I don’t see any similarity to Ireland. Oh, both involve police? Snatch squads with canes to give out 5 on the bum before sending them to hospital and home, and possibly a bill depending on what they were doing. No need to drag it through courts in such situations.

  • andrewo

    Riots in the UK: The inevitable consequence of the multicultural experiment

    No surprise regarding the ethnicity of the vast majority of the rioters …and the media is too scared to state what is clear in the videos.

  • Harry Young

    There is no comparison with NI, where there was a genuine political split. This is just crims taking advantage of pussy police leadership,which evolved through politicions not wanting to accept that immigrants tended to be crims and tended to be disenfanchised – in other words ‘PC gone mad’
    If the immigrants had been clamped down on, the next generation would have not developed the same tendencies. As ever, most people are good and the crims wreck everything for them

    • gazzaw

      Refer Enoch Powells ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in 1968. He was held up as a laughing stock and and a fascist. Take a look at that speech now.

  • tristanb

    I honestly believe this is very unlikely to happen in NZ any time soon. I think most NZers, no matter where they are from, are nice people. And fortunately we don’t have as many people from some of the nasty heartless countries that they have imported into Britain.

    The earthquake was a bit of a test for the police and the country. I think we did okay. We caught the looters who stole the generator, and that fucktard who rummaged through someone’s destroyed livelihood and stole the lightfittings. We didn’t do enough to the other scum who are squatting and looting in abandoned houses.

    I assumed our earthquake urgency rules would be about keeping control (quick arrest, prompt and severe punishment) of these people. Unfortunately it was used to stop the rest of the country downloading MP3s. That’s what pisses me off.

    In a situation like this we need to have laws in place that enable our police, military and courts to respond quickly and prevent destruction. I hope that if this type of thing ever does happen here our politicians work together to stomp out this crap.

    • gazzaw

      I agree Tristan. Generally, everything worked well in Christchurch but like you I would like to see more emergency powers given to the police, military & courts. There was still too much looting in both residential areas and the CBD. When the hotels in the CBD were finally opened up for access there had been a lot of looting of hotel & guest property either by people breaking into the red zone or by a few scumbags who were authorised to be there. Looters and those who scammed earthquake victims should have been put away for 10 years.

      • tristanb

        I’m glad you agree. You know, if I was to make a guess, I’d bet about 1/3rd of NZers would also agree with us, and of course there’d be a small but vocal group opposed.

        Now I’m just a dumb taxpayer. I don’t understand parliament, and I don’t understand laws. But I vote for people who do. I’d like them explain why it is not possible to ensure that me, my family and my property are protected when a disaster occurs – why can’t we make good laws that protect the innocent when disaster strikes?

  • chunky

    while you’ve got lefty academics and news media telling the young ones how under privileged they are and it’s all because of the rich they will always have convenient excuse to riot

  • SerSydney

    Yeah lets give ’em all a touch of Syrian justice aye?