No-one wants to know Phil

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No-one wants to know Phil Goff, they certainly don’t want to listen to him and they absolutely don’t want to have to pay for the privilege. Poor form in a deep red Labour electorate. I’d be interested to see how many Trevor Mallard could pull for a luncheon with him.


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  • In the meantime John Key spoke to a business breakfast organised by the Wanganui Chamber of Commerce last Wednesday, and well over 150 people paid $30 apiece to hear the PM speak.. The night before, he attracted a crowd of over 300 to a public meeting here.

    Kinda bears out what the polls are saying, doesn’t it.

  • Paranormal

    Have the Greens got a new man? Or is it that Wussel is so forgetable the churnalist couldn’t remember what his name is?

  • thor42

    Yep. Goff is “damaged goods”, he really is.
    Great to hear that Paula Bennett’s session looks like going ahead. I’d heard that she had gone into hospital with pneumonia, but hopefully she’s been discharged by now. Anyway, she would be a bloody good speaker, I’d imagine. Our BEST welfare minister EVER, by bloody light-years. Gawd….. remember the last one? Whats-her-face from down in Christchurch? Useless cow. Introduced NOTHING that I can remember. Seemed to do stuff-all.

  • Frank

    Mallard probably can pull a larger crowd to hear him speak in his own electorate than Goff. That would be the clincher really.

  • Steve

    Trevor goes to Parliment to eat his lunch

    • Frank

      And ride his bike.

  • reid

    Perhaps if Don stuck to the economy even people from Wgtn City might have bought tickets.

    No, no-one really wants Phil at all do they. Poor bastard.

  • diabolos

    The saddest thing is – that you are all absolutely right. We get (and will get) the Government we deserve.

    As Adolf H once was quoted as saying … “the bigger the lie – the more they believe it…”

    Throwaway one liners – defining our national identity. Common whores to the great lie – that what we are told by the populists is the truth.

    Meantime Chris “Massage” Carter – gets a job with the UN fighting corruption in Afghanistan (cough cough choke cough…splutter….). Watch out all those little Afghani cuties – Chris and Peter are in town … and theyre coming for you …. you corrupt little things you ….

    I wonder who got Chrissie boy his wee jobbie…

    I admired Phil Goff for his response – that he wouldnt give Carter a job reference if he was asked.

    Phil Goff – the last real decent politico in New Zealand – and it seems we prefer Key and his mob. Go for it … just dont blame me when the shit really hits the fan …

    Just an opinion.

    • thor42

      @diabolos – “Phil Goff – the last real decent politico in New Zealand.”
      Goff “decent”? I beg to differ.
      So, you didn’t see him telling **barefaced lies** about his “being briefed by the SIS” recently? There was **written proof** that he was, and yet he still insisted that he wasn’t.
      Goff is just as much of a two-faced lying prick as Clark was.

      • diabolos

        I didnt see conclusive proof … your compatriots dont believe what was tabled in the “hollow men” .. and that was documented proof. Your compatriots dont have much faith in public servants normally – till one is called out and starts producing so called evidence .. then you are supportive of the public service.

        Key said he wouldnt raise GST .. is that a barefaced lie.

        Key is a more than two faced lying prick also mate … he makes the God Janus look like a one dimensional construct by comparison. But he smiles and waves and gets away with it …. cue swooning from the media ….

        Thor .. mate – admit it – Pollies are a suspect group – i just happen to differ with you and believe that all in all – Goff is a genuine article. History teaches us that often the good ones are the ones with the most approbrium heaped on them before they actually get to hold the top job.

        The next few months will prove who is right and who is wrong .. and who owes who a beer or two …

        Till then mate … lets sing a couple of verses of the “Internationale” together …

        But thats the political divide isnt it.

  • diabolos

    I stand corrected … Peter isnt allowed to join Chris in Afghanistan … how the hell did H2 manage to join H1 in New York then??

    However look at this link about Chris’s appointment …

    He says notably that he will “keep up his roots and connections ….” I am sure we are all heartened. Chris – ahem – cough – will you utilise your huge UN Helen-sponsored salary to repay some of your rub-n-tug massages mate?? There are some of us on the Left – who didnt appreciate your naughty little abuse of the taxpayers purse. Take note also “Tugboy” Shane Jones”. Some of us who support labour value the integrity of that voting bloc… even if you dont.

    And by the way to all onlookers – i have no problem with being gay straight or sideways – i just dont think any of it is an excuse to rort the system or ask for special privileges.

    • Gazzaw

      i took a look at the link & didnt realise that Barnett had joined H & H at the UN as well. Hope Helen has a good travel budget. I wonder exactly how long Carter will spend in Kabul before setting up shop in the comfort of the UN building in New York? Six months max?

  • Gazzaw

    Maybe if Phil had deducted 15% GST off the fruit & veg component of the lunch cost he might have done better.