None so deluded

Apparently the reason Labour is so far behind in the polls isn’t his inept leadership or inept strategy it is because:

“People aren’t’ focused on the issues at the moment and we need to focus on the electorate on those issues once the world cup is behind us and the election campaign is underway.”

You have to wonder why they launched their “step change” CGT policy so early then?

The supreme delusion of Phil Goff is he thinks that people aren’t focussed on the same issues as Labour is and that is bad. Perhaps Labour might like to focus on the issues the voters think are important instead of the ones Labour thinks we should be focussing on.


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  • jabba

    He admitted Labour were a “couple of per cent off where we need to be”.
    So he want’s to get to 32% in this poll ,,

  • Troy

    What a condescending twat! He’s said exactly the wrong thing to say about causes for poor pollng figures. Blame the voter, or at least imply we the people don’t have the ability to focus… well, focus on this Goof… keep ya plonker thoughts to yourself when it comes to stating what people are thinking. My focus will be on picking more holes in Labour’s policies. Who really wants a PM that fails to engage the grey matter before the mouth.

  • Peter Wilson

    I don’t believe Labour is that concerned. Whether they’re at 26% or 34% is irrelevant.

    What matters is the coalition % that can form a goverment. If they can inch their percentage up to, say 36% by taking votes off National, rather than their coalition partners, they’re in. And that’s not counting the Maori Party who next time would surely say, “It’s about time we gave the other lot a chance.”

    My worry is that Labout sees this, and National doesn’t.

    • grumpy

      Found that reference yet???

      • Peter Wilson

        In what way do you mean yet?  ie. whad u on about.