NZEI admits kids are failing in school – but don’t blame us

The rabid teachers’ union, NZEI, is pretending to be all cuddly to try and spread its poison going into the election campaign.

Neutered by Tolley, and without their pathetic poodles in the Labour Party to rely on, the NZEI has resorted to newspaper and TV ads.

What is very interesting is that it’s the first time I can recall they’ve admitted some kids are missing out on a good education. Of course they don’t tell the full story – 20 per cent of our children can’t read or write or do maths properly (It’s their own website so it must be true!).

But don’t blame us, they say in this advert.

We need more money.  (Government education spend is $12.2 billion this year.)

We need smaller class sizes. (Studies show it’s the quality of the teacher that matters, not the size of the class)

We need more teacher aides – ie unqualified teachers. (Seriously? You think this will help a kid who is struggling – an unqualified teacher?)

At no stage is there any admission that maybe – just maybe – some teachers might just have to lift their game.

And more teacher aides in schools? But NZEI says you need 100 % qualified teachers in ECE to help wipe noses and clean up sick?

Makes no sense. That’s because this is about National Standards. Accountability is coming down the track and the NZEI knows it can’t hide the crap teachers any longer.

Sorry comrades – you’ve been found out. During the next recess Anne Tolley needs to go visit Chris Christie.


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  • Rex

    More Teacher Aides, yeah right! my wife studied and passed her Teacher Aide Certificate some years ago when a certain other party was on the treasury benches but couldn’t get a job because it was cheaper to hire teacher aides who didn’t have a Diploma. So at the end of the day my wife can’t get a job she studied for but has to pay back a student loan for study she can’t use in her present job.

  • thor42

    20% of the country’s children can’t read or write or do maths. Let’s not forget that the figure was identical during Labour’s nine years in power, and they did ***NOTHING*** to improve matters. The fact is, they **never will**, due to their being beholden to the teacher unions. It is also in Labour’s interest to keep children (the future voters) ignorant, because when the ignorant children grow up to be ignorant adults, that guarantees more votes for Labour.
    It’s RICH for the NZEI to mention the 20% figure now, when it was just the same when Labour were the government.