NZEI = Labour = hide the truth from parents

One of the biggest lies in the vast treasure chest of untruths which the teachers’ union calls upon to protect themselves from parents who can’t understand why their kid is failing, is that every child is unique – every child learns at different speeds.

And then the clincher – but don’t worry, they’ll catch up when they’re ready.

That is bollocks of course. If a kid isn’t learning as they should, teachers should be fronting up and telling parents what they are going to do to fix it.

Which is why the union is so scared of National Standards.

NZEI don’t want to label kids as failures. They want us to wait until they’re on the dole or serving fries before breaking the news that they can’t read or write very well.

But wait – NZEI can’t go anywhere without Labour faithfully trailing behind. Sure enough, the principal featuring in the ads is from Balmoral School – which I outed last year, as did Fairfax.

NZEI think they’ve hoodwinked everyone with a fluffy advert concerned about kids.

Make no mistake. This is a scum union ad, designed to protect crap teachers, helped along by Labour.

I bet they’re all very proud of themselves.


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  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Yes, teachers are prepared to let little Johnny learn at his own pace, just like in the UK.

    Teachers are content to not hold young people to account for their own learning, and the result of this thinking has been well observed in London this week.

  • mary

    “New Zealand’s education system is rated in the top four in the world” – really? By what measures and by whom? With 20% subliteracy, how does that work then? I wouldn’t mind the NZEI so much if their ads didn’t so blatantly lie.

  • rouppe

    Yes I saw the ad on TV last night.

    I’m still amazed that they are suggesting the National Standards is going to fail kids. The school should be aiming very high. To my mind National Standards is a way of identifying children that need extra help, and to identify schools that are failing to provide that help.

    Their argument is like saying no house may be built that exceeds the building code. How dumb-ass is that? The building code is there to ensure that builders cannot build houses that are worse than ‘basic’.

    National Standards are to ensure teachers and schools, and principals like Simon Mitchell, do not allow students to pass through their school without at least basic skills in literacy and numeracy

  • There’s little doubt that the education system dumbed down over the last twenty years, and at a greater pace after 1999. Full marks to National for the introduction of National Standards, and why should we be surprised that the teacher unions are opposing their introduction?

  • Hollyfield

    I agree with everything you’ve said, WO. However, I have an additional point that I feel is very important. If teachers report honestly when a child is having difficulties, the parents then have the opportunity to take action outside of the school. For example, my daughter has a hearing disability which was diagnosed when she was 9 years old. For four years I had nagging doubts about her progress, but each teacher told me she was doing fine, didn’t need any support and didn’t need to be tested for anything. Even when I asked them straight out, they told me she was fine. I had hearing and vision testing done anyway when she was 6, which showed no problems. A specialist eventually diagnosed the problem 3 years later, but if her teachers had bothered to tell me that she wasn’t focused, didn’t pay attention, and wasn’t making progress I could have done more investigating sooner to find out the cause of the problem.

  • It wasn’t until I had pulled my son out of school that I discovered that a teacher had been letting him sit at the back of the classroom and read for most of the year because he was unable to get him to do the work. Our son’s reports did not tell us this. We had no idea.
    He now is part of a home schooling group and does ACE which has the following advantages. One, my son cannot progresss from one unit of work to another until he has achieved a minimum pass mark of 80%. As a result my son averaged 92% over all subjects last year. Two, my son works at his individual level for each subject which means he can be two years ahead of his age group or one year behind for example. Three, my son is self motivated, happy and enjoys the work. Lastly ACE is recognized by our Universities so he can go on to do Robotics if he wishes when he has reached the required level ( something that can happen before he is 17 if he works hard enough )

    • middleagedwhiteguy

      This is the problem with a unionised teaching force where no-one is held to account, and no one seems to want to hold anyone to account.

      All children can be taught, but not all teachers can be bothered.

  • maigret

    And I thought it was just coincidence that the kids in the ad are all in red uniforms!

  • thor42

    This is why the teacher unions should be dismantled immediately.
    They have moaned, bitched and sat on their bums for the last 40 years. Meanwhile, we have that statistic (of 20% of children not being able to read) which has stayed the same for damn near 20 years, if not longer.
    The education system has soaked up our taxes, and has (in return) churned out far too many morons.
    Stop f**king around, Tolley. Scrap the unions. Bring in performance-based pay. Bring in education vouchers. Privatise the whole damned system.

  • Miss P

    I know I’m late here.  Just came to rant about NZEI.  These guys are evil, I’ve witnessed first hand how the Waikato branch has marginalised Principals trying to do their best for children and have backed bad bad bad teachers and support staff.  I’ve seen how they have supported a school controlled by a “whanau”, nepotism rules here.  Unsafe practises, bullying and intimidation, no learning.  I’ve seen a teacher and her niece in the office try to forge a Principals signature to change the nieces pay rates,  teahcer driving a van with door open and kids not buckled in, teacher hitting kids, no learning or teaching as the teachers lack intelligence but have a diploma from the “wananga”.  Teachers being kicked out of Waikato University and moving to Raukawa or Aotearoa Wananga.  Office staff ringing “whanau” to warn of an impending CYFS visit.  This is just the tip of the crap pile of what we endured. The kicker is NZEI Waikato knew of all of this and buried it.  I used to vote Labour, never again.  I hope NZEI get kicked to the curb, they are waste of time and money.  I’d like to see them come up against Hekia, she wont take their crap.