Oh God make them stop…please

Chris Hipkins gets all huffy too. Apparently politics should be about ideas….their ideas.

Politics should be a contest of ideas. Increasingly it’s becoming more and more focused on tactics and personalities. More column inches have been devoted to analysing whether Labour’s tax policies have moved our poll ratings than have been devoted to detailing what the policies actually are and whether they’re a good idea or not.

But they didn’t want to talk about the details?  The expert panel‘s going to do all that important detail stuff….


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  • Alan

    Hipkins was devoid of any ideas (other than how to become a labour MP) at VIC when he was president, why would he have any now?

  • Ramjam

    These guys just do not get it.
    release the policy, refuse to answer any questions except the very basics, Tell anyone who might be asked for more details – “Don’t go into details, they bore people”. Then go spewy when the media don’t publish anything but the basics.

    mmmm some clever stuff there.

    As for politics being based on personalities, I think Aunty Helz single handed did more to make it this way than anyone else.

  • thor42

    Geez, these Labour people are ###ARROGANT!### Arrgh…….
    Thrown out on their arses in 2008, they STILL think that they are right and that people just “misunderstand” them.