Phil Goff and his briefings he never had

Phil Goff is now frantically trying to disguise his embarrassment at the fact that he was briefed by the SIS on the Israeli ‘spy’ story despite public claims to the contrary.

The reason Goff should be held to account over this, is that he made hay in the media for over a week – claiming he was being kept in the dark – and implying that the head of the SIS had not done his job. He went large on the issue.

On Radio New Zealand two weeks ago he categorically stated he had not been briefed.

Radio NZ: Phil Goff says he was not briefed.

He even mentions that he gets regular briefings from the SIS.   Why didn’t he check his facts before pushing on with the story for the rest of the week?

As late as Monday the week after he went large on the story he was still claiming he knew nothing and was busy fuelling speculation.

bFM: Phil Goff still claiming he was not briefed.

So now, after a week of huffing and puffing, we discover Phil Goff was indeed briefed – but the issue was so insignificant it was not worth remembering.

But it gets worse for Phil Goff.

After watching him spin this to maximum advantage for himself then squirm under questioning I saw that there was the possibility that Phil Goff was being extremely economical with the truth. So I sent in an OIA to the SIS and today I got their reply. [OIA letter and documents.]

Contrary to Phil’s assertions that the item was just flicked past him, it was actually the third agenda item in his March 14 briefing and not only that re-briefed a his April 6 briefing.

It certainly looks far different from Phil Goff’s description of just “flicked past”. Phil Goff also raised questions about the issue:

“Discussed at length” seems incongruent with “flicked past”. The documents released by the SIS, though heavily redacted also show that a full page report on the investigation was shown to Phil Goff.

Phil Goff has categorically lied about this episode from the go. He lied about not being briefed, he was. He lied about not covering the detail, he was.  He lied about it being inconsequential, it wasn’t, he asked questions.

This man is unfit to lead a cub scout troop let alone the nation, he should resign or Labour should gank him.


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  • michaels

    Burn the lying fucker at the stake.

  • Agent BallSack

    Ouch. Thats a tad embarrassing. Of course the only person who believed the lies was the left side of Phil Goffs brain. Are we watching a secret back room deal done by Phil Goff with the Greens to turn the Greens into the opposition? The way Labour is handling this post election run up, feels like they all have money on National to win

  • adolffiinkensein

    Very well done, Whale. You’ll need to clear a large space on your wall for this trophy among all the other goats and pigs.

    The next question must be:
    Did he ever deny in the House that he was briefed? Did he lie to the parliament?

    If he did, he is a goner, is he not?

    • whafe

      I thought he would have well n truly been a goner some months ago, but there is no one in Labour with any balls to take over…

      Harden up Labour, you bunch of soft cocks, you are an embarrassment to New Zealand and Politics in general

  • thor42

    Goof is an embarrassment, he really is.
    I’m actually really torn at the moment. Torn between sitting back with a nice coffee and **thoroughly enjoying** Labour’s incompetence, or just wanting them to crawl away and heave themselves off a cliff.
    I never thought I’d say this, but Goof’s complete, absolute, utter incompetence is actually starting to bore me a bit.
    Gawd knows how I’ll be able to stomach it for another few months until the election. Why couldn’t blimmin’ Key have done the right thing and called the election a few months ago (or in Sep at the latest)? Sigh………….

  • kevin

    Prime News looked at it, Ch3 touched on it and Ch1 seem to have missed it out pretty much…. goff = dork, who’s he kidding with the writhing and wriggling.?.

    • reid

      Yes the Nats are going to to do something about TV1, this next term, I hope.

  • mickrodge

    Like the Labour Party ploy of “lie, lie, lie until enough people believe it” I predict Phil will continue on with the denials even in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

    The Dark Lord herself would never have let it get to this stage…she would have had some minion fall under the bus but as Carmel Sepuloni showed today the party is going feral all around him & Phil is on his own here.

    Poor bastard…I very nearly feel sorry for him right now.

    • whafe

      I don’t at all feel sorry for him mickrodge, he has the perception of a a dead goat, if he can’t see what is happening around him, he is even dumber than he looks and acts now….

  • titanuranus

    So Cam ,could you ask the Leader of the Opposition what the issue was that he did`nt raise at the meeting that he was`nt briefed?

    • thor42

      Nice one…. ;)
      As the saying goes……
      “Oh what a tangled web we weave
      When first we practise to deceive.”

  • kehua

    Shot Cam, nice trophy, a bit ragged looking and had the head touched up a bit but a score none the less.

  • orange

    It seems the Goff saga goes like this:
    1. Goff forgets the briefings and slags off at everyone and the PM
    2. Goff is reminded of the briefings
    3. Instead of apologising Goff redefines the word “briefing” to mean receiving, understanding, and remembering the information, as well as being made aware of how important said information will be at an undisclosed future date.
    4. Someone points out that “briefing” really doesn’t mean that and that goofing around with the meaning in order to escape a simple apology really looks silly.

  • gazzaw

    That was a good performance with Larry Williams on ZB tonight WO. Great also that you questioned the credibility of Soper. He’s been allowed to spin on ZB for far too long but lately he has been getting more & more blatant about his political leanings. Maybe he’s found God or something but more likely to be the influence of the child bride.

  • deputy

    Liar Liar pants on fire. Who will be the poor old sucker to piss on him to put it out. Not me !!!

    Agree about Soper – He and his child bride have been spinning it for the left lately. Maybe feathering his nest for a Labour media post.

    • gazzaw

      I never thought of that angle about Soper in which case the PM should cancel his eligibility to travel with the inner circle of the media when travelling with JK or Groser. Nobody queries his rights to ask the hard questions but it seems to have been all one way traffic lately.