Phil Goff calls SIS head a liar

Phil Goff has issued a press release accusing the head of the SIS, Dr Warren Tucker of lying.

“I will not stand by and have my credibility questioned over this issue. In future, I will only meet with Warren Tucker or representatives of the SIS if there is someone independent in the room to keep a true and accurate record of what is discussed.”

Phil Goff has a history of lying. He has been caught pants down again and instead of admitting he was wrong he has decided to attack a civil servant and that civil servants integrity. Dr. Warren Tucker serves New Zealand not the National party or any other party.

So a top civil servant who discharged his duties professionally throughout the entire Clark government is now bailed up as untrustworthy by the new Labour leader, and a leading light of the old Clark govt.

More at 6pm.


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  • adolffiinkensein

    Round and round they go
    Down and down they go
    In a spin, ………………………….

    Trouble is, they’ve got no Black Magic.

    • cadwallader

      Adolf: How about?

      “Goff fell in to a burning ring of fire,
      He went down down down
      And the flames grew higher…”

      Only his own bullshit could extinguish them as it has extinguished Labour’s electoral hopes!

  • funkdup

    Cameron, Goff says “It is interesting to note that the request for the note was made under the Official Information Act by National Party blogger Cameron Slater.”

    Are you a National Party blogger? I’m not sure what the criteria are to be labelled such, but I’d assume you’d at least have to be a member of the National Party. Are you?

    • cadwallader

      I don’t think WO is a member…he may have been booted out for sticking to the Nat’s Constitution, which is not a universal practice within the Party.

      • I am not a member. National issued instructions to Pakuranga electorate to deny my application.

        • funkdup

          So another unfounded allegation from Goff. Will you call him out over it?

  • titanuranus

    The last gasps of a spineless failed politician who faded into irrelevancy a decade ago,ffs is Goff so frikkin` myopic that he can`t read the writing on the wall?
    If he had an ounce of integrity he would have retired from politics 3 years ago like the other rats that left the sinking ship, but I guess the lure of being the countries highest paid beneficiary was too hard to resist.

  • whafe

    Is anyone in the Labour brigade going to tell Goff to fuck-up & fuck-off?

    The man has no intelligence it seems…. Again, I say, I am stunned daily by these Pinko’s

  • mickrodge

    There once was a polly called Goff
    Who’d spent half a lifetime in the trough
    He called BS on Tucker
    The half witted Fucker
    And now surely he must be off

  • deputy

    Buying in popcorn & waiting for 6pm. Hope its worth it.

    Goof is free falling from 30,000 feet so there is still time to watch the “splat” as he lands.

    I guess lefty Barry Soper will soon be rushing to his defence.