Photo of the Day

I’ve ben playing with Hipstamatic on the iPhone. Yesterday I was showing someone how it works and snapped this without even thinking too much. I liked how it came out. Photo snobs will no doubt point out how crap it is.


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  • Alwyn

    I’m not going to comment on the quality of the picture.
    However what is that bottle of beer doing there?
    You are meant to be in training! We are relying on you to whip Trevor on the 21st.

    • It was Ginger Beer.

      I am going to cripple Trevor for life.

  • Cactus Kate

    We need you to guzzle that advanced super powerade from now on. You won’t beat Duck on ginger beer. Nanas drink.

    • Something full of caffeine and steroids?

      • I FORBID you to take steroids as they shrink the testicles and we both know how fond I am of your testicles ;)

        • funkdup

          There’s an aspect to the Spanish I never wanted to consider…

          • Agent BallSack

            & Whales for that matter

  • lowercaseusername

    I like how we’ve spent billions of dollars developing digital photography, shrinking it down, adding technical features, and then even more slimming them down again to fit in cellphones, writing the code to manage the lenses in totally foreign environments like darkened nightclubs, ultimately honing digital imaging to the point where the power of a cellphone camera is many many times that of the one in the Hubble Space Telescope, only for hipsters get a hold of it and start intentionally dirtying up pictures to make them look like they were taken on broken, unsealed Polaroids with chemically imbalanced film from the 1970s.

    Life huh?