Photo of the Day – House

I walk past this house nearly everyday at Bucklands Beach. It is number one on my dream house list.


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  • Monty

    does it have a rifle range out the back?

    • Spanishbride

      Nah, but it DOES have a spare house out the back in the same style.
      I love the high ceilings and the iron chandeliers. Wouldn’t want to have to do the housekeeping though. You would start vacuuming on Monday and would finish on Wednesday LOL.

  • thehawk

    Get a damp building inspection in your dreams too Whale!

  • jonno1

    Stick to brick.

    • Spanishbride

      It’s the real McCoy, Firth Masonry, solid as a rock and oh so warm.

      • jonno1

        Fair enough, masonry is good too.

  • first time caller

    I guess if we all buy the book…

    • Spanishbride

      AWwwww how sweet. No, after losing all our passive income producing assets and our home I will not support buying a home when our fortunes change. When we have enough money it will be put into a passive income producing investment.
      Losing everything has just reinforced to me the desirability of passive income as I have discovered the hard way that paying through the nose each month for insurance does not always guarantee you protection. We are really lucky too because when you hit rock bottom you discover who your true friends are.
      There is no way left but up now and I look forward to the challenge :)