Photos of Conference – A Solitary Protestor

Today was the final day of the National party conference, it is election year and the only protest was this single old bloke out the front protesting the funding of glorified baby-sitters.

It seems all the rowdies have given up.

Old fossil protesting funding of glorified baby sitting


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  • IV2 from Keeping Stock looking after his business interests?

  • JK

    The die-hards have all rushed home to paint the next lot of protest bill boards, the ones decrying the attack on social welfare…

  • Tim

    The same bloke was protesting outside of the Min Ed offices a few weeks ago. He went out in the the Railway Ave roundabout by KFC and waved a few signs – by himself.

  • thor42

    Gawd….. you **really can** tell a Labour voter by their appearance. This guy proves that.
    Look at the dreamy, far-away look on his face. That’s the look that Labour voters get when they fantasise about other people’s taxes (a.k.a. “the Gummint”) paying for everything they do.

  • Stumpy

    He forgot the “n”.

    • spiker

      Ha! :)

  • kevin

    His daughter must have conned him into ‘protesting’ seeing it was forecast to be a cold day… fathers do this sort of thing.

  • jimmie

    If you look closely Im sure you can see ‘Get out of Vietnam’ painted underneath the words!

  • peterwn

    Who is that old geezer? A son or grandson of that guy who sold ‘Peoples voice’ in Cuba Street on Friday nights?

  • pdm

    PMofNZ – nice one – who else could it be!! lol.

  • Flashman

    Dig that Springbok Tour duffle coat grandad!

    One of your most prized possessions I bet.