Play of the Day II

Even Nikki Kaye managed to put a hit on poor old crippled Trevor Mallard in the General Debate today. You have to wonder what is going to recover first, Trevor Mallard or Christchurch?

Just watch the first minute or two, the rest is whiny.


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  • Chris

    Sounds like she’s in a third form school debating competition.

  • excuseme

    Nah … she doesn’t sound mature enough for year 9 (the old third form).

    Makes one despair that the future of the National Party may rest in the hands of “professional” politicians of her ilk.

  • Se├ín

    Actually I thought the whole 4:44 was good stuff. And I’m registered in Auckland Central so she will secure my vote again (I think I voted for her last time….I only remember my party votes these days :-).

  • mary

    Agree with Chris.

  • sthnjeff

    I think you may need to change the name of these posts Cam….. Would hate for Toxic Trev to be able to accuse you of plagerism!!!