Questions over Clark Fundraiser

Belinda McCammon has dug up an interesting angle on the Clark fundraiser that I blogged about the other day:

Ms Clark did not return calls asking for comment about whether she had used her travel privileges as an ex-MP to travel to New Zealand.

However, Otago University political scientist Bryce Edwards said he believed most people would be against ex-MPs being able to use travel privileges for party political electioneering and fundraising.

He accused Ms Beaumont of being deliberately evasive.

”It shows how sensitive parties are to political finance scandals and attention.”

He said it was”very disingenuous to claim that a keynote speech by an ex-prime minister at a function involving election fundraising is separate from the business of political donations”.

He said he believed it was extremely unwise for a former prime minister to be connected in any way with party fundraising when she may be travelling on taxpayer-funded resources.

Mr Edwards said if Ms Clark was using taxpayer funded resources she would need to declare to Parliamentary Service that part of her trip was for business purposes.

Of course we can never know the details of any spending because Parliamentary Services is not subject to the OIA. If I was good little reporter I’d be down there at the fund-raiser tomorrow night taking a picture of Helen Clark exiting her taxpayer funded limousine as she heads in to help raise funds for the Labour party.


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  • Gawd Cameron.

    She came to see family and an ailing mother who since died. Can’t you allow her the decency of a private life?

    Or does anything go as far as you are concerned?

    • In case you hadn’t noticed because your head is so far up her arse she is attending a fundraiser tonight. In case you hadn’t noticed, a journalist reported on it and I have blogged on that.

      Stil waiting for your writ too.

    • MrInfinity

      Public figures are fair game. Especially those obsessed with power like Clark.

    • Richard

      I give Helen as much sympathy as I would a cancer-cell.

    • peterwn

      Senior UN officials like Helen Clark should not be interfering in the affairs of member nations. If she had kept her visit confined to family affairs and having a holiday, no one would object – even to a Government funded air fare and use of a limo.

  • alex Masterley


    I’m attending another function otherwise I would duck down to monitor the comings and goings at OTH College.

    I’ll see if I can get an opperative on the case though.

  • Gazzaw

    “if I was a good little reporter I would be down there tomorrow ath te fundraiser taking a picture”.

    Where is the venue WO? There could well be a willing volunteer prepared to snap her arrival for publication. We can be assured that no other media will be there.

    As for Beaumont. Another scumlist MP who shouldnt be in the House. It takes a lot of ‘skill’ to turn a Labour majority of 6450 (2005) into a National win by 1942 in 2008.
    We couldnt get rid of her though, just turned up in the House to stick her nose in the trough. At #22 on the list I am praying for another Labour downturn.

  • Spiker

    Location: One Tree Hill College, 421-451 Great South Road, Penrose
    Time: Tuesday, 23 August 2011 11:30

  • Bryan

    While I’m not a left leaner, I’m sorry – but a perk is that, in this case, she can if she wants to, use taxpayer funded flights to wherever, whenever she likes, and for whatever purpose. Whether you agree or not, is irrelevant. It’s a perk, and that’s that. Reporting on it is fine, and fair game too, and her right to say nothing is hers. Making a big song and dance about it is probably worthless. Like it or not, her being here and fundraising won’t make much difference to the result this year. Her welcome has long since run dry, and I’m sure she knows it. If she’s breaking a law, different, but best I can tell she isn’t. This is a red herring (excuse the pun) and calling it out is just bringing attention to it. The less people that know about it, the less they’ll raise.

  • Bruce

    “Perk” or no perk, she’s a greedy, thieving cow! The NZ people paid, dearly I might add, for Helen’s “plum” UN “job”. Now she is stealing money from the NZ people to ride in luxury and attend a fundraiser for a lost cause.

    It is fashionable nowadays to decry “beneficiaries” and complain about “wasted taxpayer funding” for the unemployed, solo parents, etc. etc. So is Helen a “special case” or something?