Quote of the Day

from Malcolm Harbrow again:

This isn’t rocket science. The requirement for a promoter statement has been a core part of our electoral law since 1977, and something every party should be complying with out of habit. Failing to do so is a basic failure of political competence. After all, if you can’t publish a fucking ad properly, how do you expect us to believe you can run the country?

Sadly, I don’t think Labour will acknowledge that failure and commit to fixing it. Based on their past performance, we’ll be treated to more arrogant whining instead.

Labour just don’t get it. The law is simple. Clearly Labour are inept, lead by an inept leader, and advised by an inept campaign manager.


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  • Grant M. McKenna

    Phil Goff is the best Leader of the Opposition ever, and I hope that he has that job for many years to come.

    PS- that Mallard fellow knows what he is doing. I hope that the Labour Party promotes him soon.

  • Whafe

    INEPTNESS all round for Labour, where ever you look, INEPTNESS hits you smack in the face!

  • thor42

    This will be a **really good** theme for the Nats to push in the 2014 election.
    Let’s assume that Goof and co will be found guilty of breaking the Act.

    In the 2014 campaign, cue the National ads – a guy wearing a Labour rosette, behind bars.
    Punchline – “They can’t run ads. Would you trust them to run the country?”

    Yes – I realise that the max penalty is a fine, not a jail sentence. However, the idea is to make people remember the lawbreaking of Labour. The “behind bars” image does exactly that.

  • TitanUranus

    Does`nt anybody get it?
    The rules don`t apply to Labour,the rules are for other people Labour can what it likes how it likes . Do as I say not do as I do, it`s the first rule of social engineering.