Quote of the Day – Judith Collins

The media are beating up that no cars have yet been crushed by the government. They talk like this is a bad thing.

No cars have been crushed under a controversial two-year-old a law promising a crackdown on boy racers.

Police Minister Judith Collins was dubbed ‘Crusher Collins’ when the Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill was passed in October 2009.

It gave courts the power to send cars owned by people who committed three serious vehicle offences in four years to the crusher.

Estimates quoted by Ms Collins during a parliamentary debate on the law said there would be 10 cars crushed every year.

She told Radio New Zealand this morning no cars had yet been crushed – though 17 offenders were on their second ‘strike’.

Judith Collins put’s it in perspective with her quote of the day:

“If one of them wants to pop their hand up and get the stupid sticker and get their car crushed, we’ll be happy to oblige.”

Clearly the law is working. The idiot classes don’t want to have their cars crushed and so are behaving better. SOunds like a policy success to me.



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  • Travis

    The media? More like the daily rag…..

  • Joe Average

    It seems that you missed one very important quote Cameron: “Vehicle offences had lowered by 15 per cent in its first year and police had seen a “massive” drop off in the number of complaints about boy racers, she said.”

    With numbers like it doesn’t just sound like a policy success it quite clearly simply is one.

    Thanks Crusher.

  • A large number of the likely suspect being in Christchurch, they may have been distracted by other things. Such as the roads being impassable to their lowered vehicles. Or simply closed.

  • kevin

    I’m with JoeAverage on this one…
    I am not from ChCh, we too have noticed a big drop in boy racers. Our home used to be on a circuit of theirs. Chips off the concrete curbing (from poor drift technique) on our berm was normal. Only the odd clown whizzing past now and then who just can’t resist the temptation.

  • drea

    Only one thing to say… Judith Collins for Prime Minister

  • Harry Young

    It would have been nice to see a few cars crushed though, just for the fun of it.

    • gazzaw

      Not long to wait Harry, there’s seventeen of the little shits lined up with two strikes and still two years to go before the first of those strikes is removed.
      Based on the presumption that the boyracers probably can’t count to three there will be some appearing in court for their third offence before too long. I’m picking that the judges are running a bit of a book on who gets to pass the first crushing sentence.