Radio Live – Goff and Slater

On Radio Live today Phil Goff continued to die in a ditch over his briefing he never had, then had flicked past him, then he forgot and never read anything.

Paul Henry doesn’t believe Phil Goff and neither do I.

Radio Live – Phil Goff keeps digging a big hole by whaleoil

Then I follow up after Phil Goff.

Radio Live: Cameron Slater aka Whaleoil talks about Phil Goff and his lies by whaleoil
Phil Goff’s stories don’t add up. He has changed them more than a baby has it’s nappies changed.

There was a point at where i would have been prepared to accept that Phil Goff just forgot about the briefing. He had a chance to bail out of this when he learned from Warren Tucker that he had actually been briefed. Instead he perpetuated a story that he hadn’t been briefed when the reality was he simply forgot about it. Once he started going down that path a forgotten situation turned into a lie. When he attacked a civil servant he crossed the line.

It is time for Phil Goff to front up and tell the truth and then resign.


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  • Granny

    I wonder who leaked the original story to the Southland Times in time for the PM to be overseas, and whether there is any connection to Phil’s claim that he was not told?

  • Bob

    Is this Phil’s way of retiring? Create a hugh drama so he can resign, maybe citing stress/forgetfulness. Much better than a messy coup.


  • tristanb

    I thought Phil Goff was a useless leader. I thought he was always predictable interviews. I thought he had no capability to make NZ a better place.

    But I never thought he was a liar. Until this.

    Admit your mistakes Phil.

  • Johnboy

    Brilliant work Cameron. One leftie tosser on the ropes, one to go.

  • Granny

    I wonder who leaked the story in the first place, and whether that is linked to Phil’s denial of any knowledge of the story.

  • reid

    Phil is gone.

    By his own hand.

    The disgraceful thing is, he’s desperately painting this as someone else’s fault.

    • Doc

      But it will still carry his signature…

    • TitanUranus

      Painting it as the fault someone else,is the number one rule in the Labour party handbook.
      Probably about time NZ s political science lecturers stopped telling their students that smearing is a valid tactic in these days of the internet. A fact that Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard don`t appear to have grasped ,but I don`t expect either of them to changed their tune being totally addicted to the public trough they will stay until they are soundly defeated in the polls.

  • peterwn

    When Phil Goff says that Cameron is in the Nats’ pockets, I just do not believe him. If one wants any proof that Cameron is not in the Nats’ pockets, it is that Cameron is pressing for Phil’s resignation / overthrow. The Nats do not want Phil to go – to the Nats, Phil is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • thor42

      Agreed, peterwn.
      Heck, if Goof makes it to the election without being rolled, the Nats will probably put up a bust of him in their HQ…..

    • Spanishbride

      There are also the facts that when he applied for membership it was declined and that he was thrown out of a Botany Selection by the President just because he was Whaleoil. He was sitting there doing nothing except observe at the time.

  • Grizz

    Phil, you cannot fight the SIS. They are smarter than you. If you criticise them, they will come back at you like a tonne of bricks. They will make Whaleoil look like a little Nancy Boy.

  • Gus

    I”ll just make the point that if after years of loyal service someone accused me in a very public way of essentially lying … I would make sure the response to your OIA was done in uber quick time. Is that wrong … no … is it ethical … well no no law was broken …. is it an attempt to defend your reputation … seems like it to me. If that is indeed the case then its great to see a public servant standing up to a Politician who clearly thinks he can say or do whatever he wants without regard to the effect on someones reputation. The real question though is what damage has this done to Labour and will we see this flow to polling ?

  • dave

    My message on redalert about this interview which im sure will be censored. In which case it is here,

    Phil Goff’s radio interview with Paul Henry

    Phil Goff lies during radio interview:

    #1 Cameron Slater was put up by the National Party to deliver “lies” about him receiving a briefing, despite documents suggesting otherwise (and obtained under the Official Information Act) also no evidence of National Party involvement.


    #2 Prime Minister made Cameron Slater reveal these documents to “muddy the water” around his handling of the issue


    #3 Felt he had to speak out due to HIS belief the National Party is challenging his credibility (by keeping this issue alive, I assume, despite the fact he is the one who went crying to the media repeatedly. no evidence to back up his National Party claim, just a smear)


    #4 “the National Party have used Cameron Slater”. no evidence.


    #5 The SIS documents released under the Official Information Act were released on the day of the request. Lie.


    #6 “Someone from National is trying to queer the pitch here” “Yes that is my assumption”
    Baseless. Smear.


    #7 “A lot of the same people here are the same people from the hollow men”
    Who? Relevant? He could raise another half dozen examples. I’d like to hear them. Another baseless smear.


    #8 “I don’t lie in politics”


    #9 Paul Henry: “I don’t believe anyone gets a response from an Official Information Request like they did”
    Why not? Has he ever asked for one from the SIS? A week doesn’t seem unbelievable, nor unreasonable. It was only 3 or so pages. Like Cameron said, 20 days is a goal not a target.


    #10 “It’s been put into the arena by the National Party”
    No, Phil Goff went to the media complaining about how he wasn’t briefed. He packed a big sad about it.


    I think that speaks for itself

    • Deputy

      great summary. Flip-flop Goff

  • NeillR

    Perhaps the reason that Tucker released the OIA request as soon as he did was a simple one. Tucker is the head of the SIS – our secret service. The last thing that spooks want is public attention. IMO, Tucker wants this whole thing to go away, so that he can get on with the job of spying. Releasing the documents quickly is the best way to do that.

    Surely this is more easier to believe than some Macheavallian conspiracy against Goff. Though the fact that he was able to conceive of such a sordid tale goes more to Goff’s mindset than anything else – he did serve with Helenardo after all!

  • Brian Smaller

    I am sure Simon Power and other Nats who have been on the end of Whale’s vitriol might dispute that Cameron is a NP stooge in this. Labour are so machiavellian that they cannot conceive of anyone else being different. Goff is a liar – his eyes will tell you that.

  • Brian Smaller

    I am sure Simon Power and other Nats who have been on the end of Whale’s vitriol might dispute that Cameron is a NP stooge in this. Labour are so machiavellian that they cannot conceive of anyone else being different. Goff is a liar – his eyes will tell you that. I idon’t think I have ever seen someone so wrong footed as Goff is now.

  • dave

    As expected I have been banned from redalert for a month.

    I guess you can’t hold politicians to account for what they say over there if they are Labour Party MPs/ the Leader of the Opposition – including lies. I mean it’s all in the interview!