Slater and Soper on NewstalkZB

First up is Barry Soper’s appallingly partisan attack on me. He leaves us all in no doubt as to where his loyalties lie.

Barry Soper shows his true colours

Barry Soper thinks it is a question of integrity and believing one man over another. He is wrong. One man provided documentary evidence when asked to by a request under the OIA. Phil Goff sounds incredibly stilted and rehearsed.

Barry Soper shows his annoyance that I ganked the MSM by actually putting in a request, something they should have done.

Later in Larry Williams show I was interviewed:

Slater guts Goff

Barry Soper farcically delves into his long dark history to try and smear the SIS, calling forth the ghost of Rob Muldoon. Barry Soper is past it and it shows.

One thing I didn’t get to say is that I really wish there wasn’t anything redacted. But you take what you can get.


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  • reid

    I bet Larry gets really fucked off putting up with Soper. He’s an idiot. Seriously. He always has been.

    What the fuck does ZB see in him? He’s the worst political editor on any major media outlet, since Sainsbury left and started hosting Close Up.

  • reid

    …someĀ­thing they should have done.

    BTW Cam, this is why you’re so fucking good.

  • gazzaw

    I’ve already posted my thoughts about Soper elsewhere. Ive been getting more and more pissed off with him of late with his rank partisan comments and he’s way past his ‘use by’ date with ZB. Why the likes of Williams, Smith & Susan Wood put up with is hard to fathom. Maybe time for him to stay home and clean house for the child bride or move to National Radio.

  • mickrodge

    You can tell from the audio that Larry Williams is desperately fighting the urge to tell Barry Soper to “fuck right off” with his partisan ranting.

    Keep digging Phil…just keep digging.