Spinning crap

Tracy Watkins spins that National party members are upset about “asset sales”.

She was obviously at a different conference to me, when only two people out of a room of over 400 asked questions. Her contention is wrong but it doesn;t stop from spinning. Of course the difference between the National party and other parties is that delegates are able to feel comfortable

State asset sales are proving to be a bone of contention even within National’s own ranks as its grassroots members question whether crucial assets will be flogged off overseas.

The government has struggled to reassure Kiwis that its plan to sell a 49 per cent stake in the remaining state owned power companies won’t see them end up in foreign ownership.

But it also appears to have done a poor selling job among its own members with Finance Minister Bill English facing questions from party members during a public session of the National Party conference in Wellington today.

Mr English said the government was working on ways to ensure Kiwi investors were at the front of the queue but acknowledged there was no way to stop them selling shares to overseas buyers.

This was shortly before the media up sticks and bolted before lunch.

Of course the difference between the National party and other parties is that delegates are able to feel comfortable, even in a stage managed event such as this conference, to stand upa nd voice a contrarian opinion. That is to be welcomed. Political sycophancy should be avoided assiduously.


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  • whafe

    That piece of writing if you can call it that from Tracy Watkins was a joke, you wouldn’t wipe your ass with it…

  • Frontrower

    The blue rinse Nats from the Muldoon days are not so comfortable with asset sales. And with Conference being so stage managed and boring only the blue rinse are going nowadays.