Suicide Statistics released

I have been reading about the release of the latest Suicide Statistics by the Chief Coroner.

Unfortunately it appears that the statistics seem to still be a secret and the MSM are simply reporting the bits they like.

I would have thought that in the interests of discussion properly the details of what has been released that they should be released more widely.

I finally found a link on the SPINZ website to the overview released today. It was in .doc format so I took the liberty of downloading it and making it a pdf.

Until I can get the full report this will have to do. I don;t want to put any spin on it, just let people read for themselves.

Suicide Stats – Coronial Media Handout 26 Aug 2011


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  • TM

    Interesting that with all the talk of a teenage suicide problem in NZ (and my own personal experiences), the highest risk group for suicide are 20-24 years for males and next is 45-49, and is 50-54 for females. The male rate also doesn’t vary much between 15 and 64.

    Also interesting to see the big drop in suicides in Christchurch after the earthquakes. The quake must have snapped a few people out of depression.

  • Doc

    Considering the economic downturn, the slight rise from 2008 on is not as bad as I thought it was going to be, especially with how the media has been going on.

    The telling graph to me is the Risk Factors and Warning Signs, but I don’t like the way they have combined known drug and alcohol abuse with D/A found in system. While they may be somewhat linked they are two different issues.

    It would be interesting to see the numbers of those with a known mental health history who also have a known D/A abuse history.

    I wonder, would we get better results (overall) by syphoning off some of the money spent on traffic enforcement to mental health/suicide prevention?
    Would the small loss made in the road toll numbers be more than matched by gains in prevented suicides?

    Just a thought.

  • Spiker

    Interesting that that combine stats of firearms & explosives. I wonder with the spilt between the two is? I hadn’t noticed any suicide bombings in NZ recently (ever)..

  • Dyan

    My take on the Christchurch situation is; when people are wanted and needed by their community to help, their sense of value is increased and their self-esteem goes up.
    The higher the self-esteem the lower the desire to leave the world.

  • rustle19

    what is MSM, btw there is no conspiracy of silence, it is all to do with data quality which could be solved by putting more resources into suicide prevention