Tell her she's dreamin'

Labour has finally dredged up a candidate in Taupo three months out from the election. This is despite their campaign manager having tax payer funded dirty weekends in the electorate as the buddy MP, and it being a Labour held seat until 2008.

Mrs Campbell said she was “very optimistic” about her chances in Taupo.

“Where there is life there is hope,” she said. “I know my community and my community knows me. I am not ready to give up just yet.”

The dear old duck must have become a bit addled in her advanced years. Good on her for stepping up to take one for the team but her cause is a bit like the poor old diggers going over the top at Flanders, ultimately brave but completely futile. Louise Upston won the largest majority of any National MP taking a seat off Labour in 2008, winning by 6445 votes over Mark Burton.

It is my understanding that Louise is one of the hardest working electorate MPs in the country, and has built a very solid following in the electorate. Factor that in with the increased poll gap between National and Labour –  11% in 2008, currently about 25% – and Taupo is a safe blue seat as long as Louise is the National Candidate.

Frances Campbell - Labour candidate in Taupo

Frances Campbell - Labour candidate in Taupo


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  • Was the buddy MP from Palmerston North perchance?

    Good on Frances Campbell for standing up to do a job that no one else in Liabore has the guts to do. She must do something about the picture though – reminds me of a rest home ID photo.

  • Rusty Kane

    She can’t see the forest from the trees.. bless her.

  • Gravedodger

    That was my first thought Gazzaw, what resthome should she be returned to, poor old dear.
    Tragic int it.

  • Tim

    It’s not the lady’s fault, she has probably been a Labour supporter for 50 years. She has just not cottoned on that the Labour of 30 years ago until now is not the same as when she was a girl. The real villains are the assholes who have put her up to this, as she is certain to be embarrassed and humiliatted. Next time I suggest they nominate my dear old pug dog Pugsley to stand for them.

  • Monty

    Oohhh Yes – I can just imagine her getting down to the local rest rome –

    the conversation would go something along the lines ” Yesss dear, the price of fish these days – well I never, and what a nice Man that Mr Key is – oh whoops – I don’t think I was not suposed to say that, oh well don’t tell Hel;en Clark our dear and beloved party leader.

    Oh dear I am a little confused – Labour – ? oh yes what about them? I don’t know – they really couldn’t find anyone, so Mavis and that funny little man Fill-in, said I should just sign the peice of paper and get my photo taken – don’t know what for.

  • Sean Fitzpatrick

    Probably still thinks Labour is a party of miners, engineers and other working class folk as well – rather than a loose alliance of lava lamp liberal intellectuals and losers.

  • peterwn


  • Samuel Hill

    Well it just shows how stupid Labour were allowing the town of Cambridge into the Taupo electorate in 2008. If you have ever lived in the region you would realise how riciculous it is. She hardly represents the interests of the ‘old’ electoral boundaries. Cambridge and Tokoroa almost have nothing in common. Its no surprises that Labour have chosen a candidate from Tokoroa.

    I agree that Frances Campbell has little chance. Louise Upston is beatable though. In 3 years time I would expect her to be seriously challenged.

    • Gazzaw

      She’s got buckley’s show of getting any votes in Cambridge, Liabore or otherwise. The same in Taupo & Tokoroa won’t win it for them. Liabore would probably have done better to have got a chardonnay socialist from Cambridge – there must be a few lefty Waikato Uni staff who live there.

  • jabba

    Labour Party general secretary Chris Flatt said they were fortunate to have a candidate of her calibre. mmm
    The lady maybe the nicest person in NZ but what sort of cruel bastard is this Flatt guy?
    Who will they put up in Hunua, Auntie Mabel or Uncle Edward?

  • thor42

    Blimey…… As if Labour didn’t have enough oldies already!
    Two words leap out at me from that photo of her – “pleasant” and “gormless”. Can anyone see the likes of this woman getting the illiteracy rate of our children below 20%? No. On the other hand, I can see her being completely “captured” by the unionists – especially the teacher unions.
    I can see her minders now, teaching her to mouth pleasant-sounding platitudes on the campaign trail.
    Great – just what the country needs….. /sarcasm

  • Richard

    It would be easy to abstain from sex indefinitely with her and the present coven of Labour/Green tottie in Parliament. A definite incentive to experiment with cross-species dating as a preferred alternative.

  • TitanUranus

    I reckon she would do a better job than Phil Goof, at the very least she could`nt do any worse.

  • andyscrase

    @Sean Fitzpatrick –