That's Carmel's campaign over

Sue Bradford is set to announce in Waitakere for the Mana Party:

Former Green Party MP Sue Bradford is expected to announce within days that she will contest Waitakere, going up against Social Development Minister Paula Bennett.

Sometimes life is just cruel, even when you are “more down to Earth, more authen­tic, more gen­uine” than your oppo­nent.


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  • Michaels


  • Jam_Sammie

    Carmel has another thing coming if she thinks she will even get a look in out here in the west. As for that vacuous old bint Bradford she can go back to the caravan park where she came from.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Is there a Green Candidate in the Waitaks? They’ll be spewing.

    • peterwn

      Stephen Tollestrup -29 on Green’s list – Green’s list goes to 30 only.

  • devlsadvocate

    Well, its good to see the gigantic money laundering operation that is the Mana Party finding its feet against the tyranny of a Minister bent on fixing a broken system that helps people be dependent on the dole for life.
    “…Its sickening to think that John Key and Paula Bennett might bring in radically dangerous reforms on the back of an average overpayment of $201 a week”

    …I guess it doesn’t sound as good to say “…Its sickening to think that John Key and Paula Bennett might bring in radically dangerous reforms on the back of over five hundred million dollars of overpayments being made to beneficiaries including over two hundred million dollars over just last year alone.”

    A sentence like the latter would make most kiwis spit “Fucking oath there should be a radical reform!”.

    Just another god damn snake oil salesperson trying to make sure the poor never aspire to anything.

    • thor42

      Absolutely right.
      “Lips-like-a-draught-horse” Bradford ***hasn’t got a shit’s show*** of winning in Waitakere. Sure, she’ll probably nab a few hundred votes, but that’s about it. Not a snowman’s chance in hell of winning.

  • All that is needed now is for Winston Peters to decided that Waitakere might be a better fit for him than Te Atatu, and a right old shit-fight might well develop. Winston and all those women candidates; hmmmmm

  • pdm

    Inv2 said – “Win­ston and all those women can­di­dates; hmmmmm”

    We all know who will spend the most time in front of a mirror.

    • Hollyfield