The alienated poor?

Many on the left are claiming the looters and rioters are the “alienated poor”. Funny how the alienated poor co-ordinated their rioting via Blackberry phones and other smart phones. Now it turns out that some aren’t the “alienated poor” at all.

They were, some said, the alienated poor, those without hope, lashing out in rage and despair. But as the accused London rioters started appearing in court they included university students, a wealthy businessman’s daughter and a boy of 11.

At the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, London, custody vans queued in the street and paperwork poured across every spare surface. They had been working all night. ”Have you been home yet?” asked a dazed-looking court official to her colleague.

By the end of the day in London, 805 people had been arrested in connection with violence, disorder and looting and 251 had been charged.

Here in court you could clearly see the face of the riot: stripped of its hoods and masks, handcuffed to burly security guards, dressed in white prison T-shirts. And it was rather different from what many had been expecting.

Among the accused was Laura Johnson, 19, daughter of a successful company director. She lives in a detached converted farmhouse in Kent, with extensive grounds and a tennis court. She is an English and Italian undergraduate at Exeter.

Before that, she attended St Olave’s Grammar, the fourth-best state school in the country, where she studied A-levels in French, English literature, geography and classical civilisation. On Wednesday, at Highbury, she was accused of looting the Currys superstore, in Charlton, of electrical goods worth £5000 ($7800).

The case was transferred to Bexleyheath Magistrates Court where she was placed on bail with a strict curfew. A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: ”I wouldn’t expect someone from … here to be accused of this.”


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  • John Q Public

    Didn’t you love the pathetic cries of “Don’t film me, don’t film me” from many of the pricks outside the court, after their appearances. I was thinking, don’t film you? well don’t burn and loot shit then, motherfucker, and I won’t need to.

    • gazzaw

      If Murdoch wants to start making up to the British public he should insert supplements free of charge into all of his dailies naming every son of a bitch apprehended by the cops. Show their photos too.

  • TitanUranus

    Just in case you missed Pats analysis that I posted on the Twitter thread,

  • notrotsky

    No no you’ve got it all wrong according to Todd and CV and Gweg Pwessland and the rest of the apparatchiks at the stranded it’s all about the youff justifiably rising up agin the man.

    … as a man I’d like to kick them all in the nuts.

  • gavin

    The media are falling over themselves to portray that all levels of society were involved in the riots and looting. They ignore on purpose the elephant in the room that most rioters are black immigrants or the children of same. There will be exceptions but percentage wise you will not find many indians pakistani, polish etc despite the fact that they are also large immigrant groups. The liberal refrain that these thugs do not feel connected to wider society is just BS, they have no wish to belong, aspiration, hard work, educational achievement is not in their vocabulary