The Ginga and The Lesbo

These two pap photographers were hassling my friends today.

The one in the purple likes stalking nice people at 6am at the airport.

Again these people need to learn NWFAB (never f*ck with a blogger)….or his mates.

Papping is only any good when you are hiding in bushes.

The one in purple should have known all about hiding in bushes.

From now on I and my friends will be running a pap of the paps competition. Let’s see how they like it.


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  • potandkettle

    Paps and bloggers (such as yourself Cam) are both cut from the same cloth. When did you suddenly become the defender of people’s rights to privacy? Au contraire!

  • kevin

    Basic looking kits, no big tele lenses and little pop-up flashes so you can tell when they take a They look like labour stooges to me.

  • reid

    Crikey, let me know know if any of the blighters show up in Wgtn.

    One question: are we allowed to use elephants and/or beaters?

  • nayor

    Who is their target and why should anyone care?

  • Mr Blooby

    News Flash

    John Nonkey walks down 4 steps at a public meeting.

    John Nonkey falls down stairs at public meeting.

    1. Good news doesn’t sell.
    2. Any publicity is good publicity for a public figure.