The horse called leadership

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Phil Goff has described discussions about his leadership as flogging a dead horse.

The Herald handily published a photo of that dead horse from Phil’s childhood. I understand it was called “leadership”.

Dead Horse called Leadship

Phil Goff and his horse "Leadership", now deceased


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  • thor42

    I see on Stuff today that Goof is bleating that his party’s misfortunes are because “voters aren’t thinking about the issues.”
    No, Goof. Your party’s unpopular because YOUR POLICIES ARE CRAP.
    Stop deluding yourself, fool, and eat some humble pie for a change. Admit that your party fucked-up big-time.

  • Whafe

    Goofy Goff & Labour are truly taking the piss out of the vast majority of NZ.

    It has to stop, thor42, Labour not only fucked-up big-time, they are in a constant state of fuck-ups!

    Try and think of a week in the past 3 months where by there has not been a fuck-up by Labour. Not sure that one can think of one…

    It is at the point where by I almost feel pity on them..

    And sorry to coin a common phrase of the day, but I seem to be “flogging a dead horse” in that this country needs strong opposition

  • Tookinator

    What happened to your series of ‘National’s most un-trustworthy person’?

  • diabolos

    Opinion – i think it says more about the collective stupidity of people who are voters in NZ. A bunch of burping and farting populists – who just love populist people. Buy your angry mob supplies here.
    Its nothing to do with Phil Goff (and i dont understand why people want to revert back to primary school and call him “goof”) its to do with the juvenile rugby head mentality of so many kiwi voters – who would rather “swallow…” the National party spin – they believe emporer key and National are wearing clothes and doing so well – but really they are as naked as the day they were born.
    Give you an example – i dont like Cams habit of calling people names – but after hearing Simon Power on the Nation i can see why he calls him figjam. The man really thinks his shit doesnt stink. What isnt admitted – is National is full of these sort of people – hardfaced – hard hearted – ambitious to the point of being prepared to sell this nation off to the highest bidder.

    Democracy is no guarantee of justice or truth …. the weimar republic is witness to that fact. And the Weimar republics demise was done democratically and backed by special interest groups including big business – ie Krupps and IG Faben to name but two.

    Social Darwinism – have any of us really ever thought about this properly. Christ stood against the Roman Establishment, the Legal Intelligentsia of his time (pharisees), Money Men (overturning the tables of the moneychangers in temple) and funnily enough Lawyers and tax collectors … and also made interesting statements “it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle” or words to that effect ( if i misquote i beg indulgence in advance )

    John Key earned his fortune as a gambler – a person trading in currencies and best-bets …. never in my opinion produced anything of any physical benefit to the socially fair and equitable society that nurtured him. Just like Fay and Richwhite – the fat cats are now laughing all the way to the bank.

    We get the government we deserve sometimes i think.

    Blogs always seem like a pissing contest – who can make the smartest comment – take someone else down – discredit the other person – score points – humiliate and destroy … what about truth and debate and sheer goodness and niceness and being good to each other. What about respect and dignity – what about looking for what is right.

    Is this the future of our nation – or do we really want more than this.

    I dont want Key and his neo liberal hatchet team tearing this nation to pieces. I also dont want any ambitious pricks from either side of the house of parliament treating the people of New Zealand as though they are shit scraped off the bottom of their well heeled shoes.

    The idiot media are composed of people on over $150,000 a year pontificating and misrepresenting kiwis every day – theyre alright jack – and fuck the working class. About time there was a revolution in thinking by Kiwis – ditch these clones of Josef Goebbels and form some intelligent opinions original to YOU – not based on the constructs we view on TV, Computer screens, Radio or advertising in general.

    Cam Slater is a flesh and blood flawed man – like ALL of the rest of us. “The words of the whisperer are like delicious morsels – they go down into the innermost man …” (paraphrased from the BIBLE) If i’ve got it wrong i apologise in advance.

    Politicians and their awful environment and situational ethics should never become our paradigm or lived reality.

    All only my opinion -nothing more – apologies for any factual innacuracies due to the emotion of the written moment …

    • Any time someone uses the term “neo-liberal” my eyes glaze over.

      • diabolos

        I know ….

    • BlairM

      Actually, Jesus wasn’t opposed to tax collectors, he hung out with them.

      • Yep and soldiers, zealots and hardened professional fishermen, and don’t forget the hookers either. Bloody good bloke that Jesus fella. Friend to all.

        He ones he didn’t like hanging with were the pious folk in the temple. Think about that for a minute.

      • diabolos

        Never offered any interpretation guys … just put it out there. Whatever you feel about it … thats your reality.

        It appears to me … opinion only – that he engaged – but engagement doesnt and didnt suggest approval … perhaps. Its all up for debate – just like what constitutes piety or otherwise… nothing to feel threatened by.

  • Rusty Kane

    At least the Horse knows its Dead.

  • reid

    this coun­try needs strong opposition

    No they don’t, they just need a govt different from the one any foreseeable permutation is going to give us. For a perfect govt, we need ACT strong enough to demand and get Finance and put Don in. We need to keep Dunn cause he’s the best Revenue Minister NZ has ever had. (Don’t care about his hair or his politics, personally.) We need a strong Maori Party, no Hone, a very weak Liarbore and a tiny Green, with Kennedy Graham as the sole representative. It won’t happen but that’s what we need.

    • reid

      Further to Dunn, I suspect the reason why Ryall has been successful in Health is because he’s listened to Dunn and used the same approach in Health to encourage innovation and process improvement. That is what Dunn has done in conjunction with of course not to, IRD. That is why both show operational rubber on the road, IMO.

      Imagine that approach applied across the board.

  • reid

    “it is harder for a rich man to enter the king­dom of heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a nee­dle”

    Yes an oft-missed aspect to that mangled passage diabolos is the fact it’s not saying a rich man can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it’s saying that a man cannot enter through his riches.

    Lot’s of people miss that rather important distinction, most of them seem to be lefties, for some reason.

    Isn’t that peculiar?

    • diabolos

      Never offered an interpretation for either of the passages offered mate … just offered the passages. I’ve never heard of interpretation indicating political affiliation … but you learn something new all the time

  • thor42

    @diabolos – “…the juve­nile rugby head men­tal­ity of so many kiwi vot­ers – who would rather “swal­low…” the National party spin.”

    So – *you* haven’t swallowed the *Labour Party* spin?
    Has it ever occurred to you that the voters who think the Labour Party are the pits may actually be right, and you wrong?

    “National Party spin” has nothing to do with it. The voters who favour the Nats over Labour (like myself) can see from a mile away that Labour are nothing but a bunch of whining, opportunist, populist pricks who would have the country bankrupt within a month. For gawd’s sake….. taking GST off fruit and veg – what kind of a half-assed policy is that? It’s the kind of nanny-state social-engineering that Clark would have been proud of. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bitch rang up from New York and suggested it.

    • navyman

      Agreed. Labour will bankrupt the country in 6 months , National are trying their best to pay for labours election bribes, i.e. working for families ( that means I work to pay for somebody elses family , and get the shit taxed out of me while they effectively pay no tax at all ) Wake up Diabolos, labour fucked up , and the public have woken up to it.

    • diabolos

      Mate i dont like Helen Clark any more than you do – but not everything English and Key say about the Clark tenure is correct.

      I voted against Helen Clark – i didnt believe the spin. I was virulently opposed to the Lange / Douglas ‘reforms’ of the 1980’s … so please matey dont tell me i believed the Labour Party “spin” i never ever did when it was in fact “spin”. I think we’ve all become swallowers of camels – and strainers at gnats to quote the good book (in reverse – i know i know…).

      I got in trouble with my Family when i was critical of the greed of the Sharemarket before it all turned titsup in 1987 (they were all making hay). Sir Robert Muldoon was a lone voice in Parliament warning about the bursting bubble to come. I worked with people who were mortgaging their houses to speculate on shares.

      Tell you whats nanny state mate … South Canterbury Finance bailout to the rich investors in preferential terms … Fat pricks from Hollywood getting tax breaks and incentives all on the NZ Taxpayer … the minute problems occur what does National do … start to intervene and yes … do Nanny state things. And you watch it isnt over yet – Key and his minions will bend over and take it up the keester from Chinese interests soon … if they win the election we all better start realising that the Kiwi ethos is about to become a myth.

      See – Clark could be a domineering bumhole at times – so could Cullen – but New Zealanders are being asked to buy into a “spin” that doesnt present truth but rewrites history.

  • Agent BallSack

    I have made no secret of the fact I voted for MMP – eek, and used to be a Labour supporter – wtf, why? LOL

    If I was a Labour supporter now, I would be getting extremely fucked off with their general unwillingness to fight for this election, whatever it takes…I firmly believe this election period will turn many voters to National, simply because – there is no other party. Goff and crew are doing more harm to Labour as a party than any one has ever done to National, and it took National 3 terms after a massive slide to gain back their support.

    Labour at least, should be seen to be doing something, anything rather than the standard bullshit spin no one believes anyway.