The NZ First candidate for North Shore is…

The Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams has been “selected” by NZ First for North Shore. I would have thought he would’ve got the hint when he was thrown from office at the local body elections.

How appropriate that he has hitched his flagon…ooops….wagon to a corrupt, scotch swilling fraud.

I think it may be time to release the drunken emails he sent to the Police about me that I obtained under the OIA.



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  • OMG
    when I first saw this I thought you were joking WO. This is just unbelievable.
    Maybe Winnies stunning plan is to deflect your attention onto the Clown?
    My jaw is on the floor, honestly.

  • So will it be Vote Slater for North Shore, and keep the bastards honestParliament’s grog cabinet safe from the Clown?

  • michaels

    Oh for crying out loud!!!
    What is it with some people and the public tit???
    Hope The Clown doesn’t think Winnie will be sharing his Whiskey bottle with him.

  • michaels

    But on a brighter note at least we can watch two losers go down the gurgler one more time.
    Hopefully The Clown will take Mr. NO out on the piss in Takapuna.

  • cadwallader

    Williams and Peters swim at the same level of the pond. It is incredible that Winston for all his faults is stupid enough to take this loser with him on the raod to oblivion. WO is in for a few interesting months on the Shore.

  • chimei

    He spelled it wrong, it’s NZ Thirst [Drinking our way to success]

  • lcmortensen

    It’s the 1994 Selwyn by-election over again!

    In think Garrick Tremain explained it best – Tim Shadbolt and Winston Peters in clown costumes riding a tandem bike to Selwyn – and the McGillicuddy Serious Party in the background say that “With them, we look more like a serious alternative!”

  • titanuranus

    But , but…………Winstone said yesterday that they were`nt a party of Klingons.

  • I think Winston’s lost the plot; the only explanation I can see is that he wants a late-night drinking buddy

  • gazzaw

    Are there any more losers that Peters could sign up on the road to oblivion? Maybe he could rebrand the NZ First Party as the Bermuda Triangle Party.