The seven types of Trolls

James Delingpole explains the seven types of trolls:

There’s an argument which goes that we bloggers need our pet trolls almost as much as they need us. I’m not sure I value them that highly myself but I do find them a fascinating case study. What intrigues me is their psychopathology. I mean, it takes a certain sort of mentality actively to seek out columnists with whom you disagree and lurk below their blog being spiteful and angry and disruptive. Maybe I’d respect them more if they weren’t cowering behind the mask of anonymity, or if ever for once in their sad, deficient lives they actually strove to engage with the arguments made. But they never do, for such is the nature of trolling.

In the early days, I admit, I used to get quite upset by the horrid things trolls said about me. I mean, I’m just a blogger making a case. It’s not like I’m misusing public money in the manner of, say, a UEA “climate scientist”; it’s not like I’m a politician making bad laws or some rent-seeking landowner blighting my neighbours’ views with wind farms. But it’s OK, I’m over it now. What I’ve since learned to appreciate is that the problem with trolls is not my problem: it’s theirs. These are psychologically damaged creatures, eaten up with an awful lot of rage and sense of their own inadequacies. Below are some the varieties of troll I have identified. I’m sure you’ll have fun deciding which avatars best fit into which category.

My trolls are by and large reasonably well behaved.

See if you can work out which category the various trolls here fit into.


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  • michaels

    Only because the total fucktards got tired of being beaten up and finally left.
    The remaining ones……….. hmm

  • You definitely have a Stalker Troll who keeps bringing up things as if they are secrets. The funny thing for me is that two of these so called SECRETS that you have talked about in the past are no longer relevant to the life you lead today. However you are too bloody minded to put anyone straight because you really don’t care what people think about you.

  • thor42

    None of those categories exactly fit mediatart. She has a category all of her own.

  • jman

    mediatart strikes me as a mix between a pedant and a cuckoo. roger is more of a stalker I think.

    I know he doesn’t troll here but I thought that the description of the Failoblog troll perfectly describes PhilU.