The things people say

This comment was left on the blog overnight:

Trev 1 — Blub­ber­fucked­bymy­daddy nil. Keep blog­ging cunt, We live to hate,

I don’t mind smart or witty comments/abuse and I certainly don’t mind the usual trolls that inhabit here, but this one just really pissed me off.

An annoyed Whale can be very unpleasant.

“Axle” unfortunately is dumber than a sack of hammers. He used this email address: alexburton[at]

The domain is registered to the NZ Film Archive. A quick search of their site shows that Alex Burton is the Manager Production.

The NZ Film Archive is 85% funded by various government agencies.

I’m not sure that abusing people using their work email address is covered by their staff internet usage policy. I think I will find out.



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  • alex Masterley

    A villiage missing it’s idiot perhaps?

  • B Whitehead

    It’s probably an attention seeking, failed actor in self destruct mode. I wouldn’t waste my time.

  • Merlene Shedlock

    One step ahead of the cowards, good work Cameron.

  • Cadwallader

    Sophisticated eh?

  • Cadwallader

    He reminds me of the teachers’ union rep in New Jersey who prayed for the death of the Governor. Ignore this filth!

  • greenwelly

    He was described in 2007 at a function for the 70th Anniversary of the FOL as one of the best labour historians, by speaker Margaret Wilson.

    “You are fortunate today to hear presentations from the best of our labour historians. Emeritus Professor Erik Olssen, Peter Franks, Professor Melanie Nolan, Professor Ray Markey, Alex Burton, joined by unionists who experienced the Federation of Labour days, and ending with the current CTU leadership of Carol and Helen…

  • Mully

    Hahahahaha. What an idiot.

    I was hoping for a NZEI email address, but that’s pretty funny.

    Formal complaint to the powers that be in order, I suggest.

  • Gravedodger

    This towering intellect is “the man” (advisedly) who will allocate my money to produce much of the rubbish I don’t want funded, don’t want to watch and could not care less if it all ended for him today,
    It is too much to hope for that that will happen as he will depend on his continuing employment on another equally challenged in the common sense stakes.
    Good on the Whale, back at it, Go you good thing.

  • NZ Groover

    People just don’t get it, and this is Labour’s big problem. You just can’t get away with making anon comments and being stingy with the truth. The access to information has never been easier…… abuse , lie etc, you get caught.

  • notavictim

    Get after him Cam, another trougher stealing from us, tell him to return all the stationary to.

  • Gazzaw

    An appropriate email to the Minister responsible (Arts?) for NZFA re inappropriate and offensive use of the departments email system should ensure that a hnote is enetered into Alex’ file hindering his prospects on the taxpayers tit.

  • Naylor

    Hit em hard Whale. They deserve to have their funding cut anyway. Alex Burton must now be slightly stressed at work… and people will now be watching him.

  • Rockfield

    NZFA ….. Hmmmmmm.

    I wonder what Mr Burton’s favourite film is ?

    “The Naked Civil Servant”

    Perhaps, could be appropos.


  • Hawkes

    Since email addresses are so easy to spoof, how can you be sure this isn’t a set-up?

  • Cadwallader

    Check out the Board of the Film Archive….what a trough!

  • kevin

    Nail the prick…

  • I’ve just subscribed him to all the National and ACT mailing lists.


    I didn’t.

    But it’s an idea :)

  • OMG you are GOOD.

    Wish i could have done this to a couple of commenters a couple of weeks ago.

    Never do or say anything that you would not want on the front page of a newspaper Mr Alex Burton!

  • Peter Nickle

    Take him for a burton Cam.

  • The left indulging in hate speech?

    Nope, no way.

    Just cannot believe it.

    (Where’s Russell Brown, Danyl McLauchlan, Pablo, and the rest of that regular band of Internet Policemen?)

  • If the NZFA is 85% funded by the taxpayer then Alex needs to tone down his obvious political preferences when promoting NZFA services. Refer to the Labour History Project newsletter at . Newsletter 46 – June 2009. Memo to Alex: Google has a very long memory!

  • Tim

    Hi Cam

    Long time reader first time poster. Just to let you know that i have rung NZFA and personally laid a complaint over the obscene language used in the post

    I recommend all readers do the same

    go for it Mr Whaleoil

  • Timmi

    hi Cam

    Long time reader, first time poster

    Just to let you know that i have rung NZFA and laid a complaint about the post on you Blog .

    The NZFA are investigating, all of the Whale Army should do the same, watch how quickly they dump him

    Keep up the good work

  • jabba

    these sort of people are being seen more and more recently. Keeping Stock has a few, or is it 1, ANON making nasty comments. To say that from a work site is dead set stupid

  • robert brown

    Great work Cam this burton character what a clown to clever with tracking the fool down I am in the process of sending him my most expletive filled email to the goon …and good go on the challenge with the duck I just think he likes the feel of the seat a bit more then you do …you know what I mean

  • coge

    What do these people actually do?

  • Dion

    Abusive messages at 1:09am. If I didn’t know better I’d say Andrew Williams is at it again.

  • thor42

    Amazing. Just amazing……. (shakes head in disbelief……..)
    Rule number one – never, ever use your work email address to do something like this, unless you love the idea of being called into a room and given the “you’re gone” message.

  • I see this differently.

    I think it’s ludicrous that the anonymous champions of free speech who ‘inhabit’ this blog (not you Jacqueline) should gleefully climb all over a fellow anonymous commenter … simply because a wounded Whale decided to (ab)use his Moderator access to reveal the commenter’s identity.

    It’s standard to require an email address to comment on blogs, usually on the explicit understanding that email addresses thus provided will NOT be published. It seems to me you’ve breached that convention in this case, Cam.
    Are you likewise going to ‘out’ other commenters? Or only those with whom you disagree, or who “just really piss[..] me off.”

    So, he was rude to you, Cam? Rudeness is hardly a novelty here, if you don’t mind me saying.

    Further, those of us who have commented here on your blog recently know YOU currently have tomanually approve each and every comment before it appears — umm, including this one — because of a javascript-related bug on your website, you told me.

    Therefore, I assume you approved the offending/offensive comment in question … before going on to make an issue of the commenter’s real name, his email address and his workplace, in this manner. Those were somewhat malicious actions on your part, IMO.

    Looking at it from your side, perhaps you felt he needed to be held to account for his abusiveness, and that he deserved opprobrium for attempting to anonymously post such an appalling, tasteless comment about your loss in the recent celebrity cycle race.

    But a commenter using his ‘work email address’ as the return address on a blog comment is hardly a crime. It was supplied in confidence.

    Likewise, unless he was at work at 1.09am today, it seems unlikely that he was using his employer’s internet services to comment on your blog.
    He didn’t actually send you an email (let alone send one in his employer’s name, or in any official capacity, as anonymous commenter Gazzaw implies).
    As already noted, he did NOT offer that email address for publication. (Perhaps he would have been better off using a free webmail account. Something like, gee, I don’t know, garyjwestwood [at] for instance? What do you think, Gazzaw? Goose and gander rules?)

    As for Tim/Timmi’s boast that he’s laid a ‘complaint’ with the commenter’s employer — for what? Swearing? Good grief. You’re seeking to censor him, Timmi? No, it’s worse. You’re agitating to get him sacked. Wow.

    What’s your name Timmi and where do you work? Just in case I’m offended by your comments and want to lodge a complaint.

    In this case, Cam, it seems to me you’ve decided to make an issue of this anonymous commenter’s identity, apparently because you disapprove of his use of (agreed, foul) language … and his expression of a sentiment that hurts your feelings.

    And yet as Moderator, you approved the comment.

    – Peter

    Disclosure: I too have previously revealed a commenter’s [supposed] email address on my blog — when it was an obviously a fake address used for disinformation by a sock-puppet in an ongoing discussion. (i.e. Not simply because they abused me.)

    • Peter, I approve every comment, i prefer not to have moderation but until I fix the bug I have to do it manually. If the bug wasn’t there his comment would have got through. So I am simply managing manually what would normally happen.

      There are plenty of lefty trolls here who I have never outed, nor will I. They play by the rules. This is my site, I pay for it. I wouldn’t tolerate that kind of behaviour in my living room and I won’t otlerate it on my blog.

      I am perfectly happy to have robust discussion, and yes even petulant name calling but suggesting I am a “cunt” and some who “fucks their daddy” crosses the lines of any kind of decency.

      The fact that they thought it funny to do so from a charity provided email was really the last straw.

      The old saying about don’t poke the bear if you don’t like the bear attacking you is valid here. I have sucked it up for months comments about my mental health, my weight, my work status. I have not bitten I have remained silent. So this morning, I was tired, sore and grumpy. I had been poked one time too many. I got mad. I admit it. But as I have said this is my palce and if this tool stood on my deck and said the same thing I would have physically belted him. This is the blog equivalent.

      The thing is, I haven’t banned him and the total number of people banned from my blog is precious few, less than 5.

      I have simple rules, and they are published:

      He broke Number 4. I invoked number 5, coupled with Rules 5,6, and 7 from Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics….with a good dose of Rule 14.

    • Cadwallader

      Defending free speech is laudable in every instance. I see a distinction where, in a private format, (WO’s blog,) gratuitous insults are tossed about. If someone were to yell abuse of this ilk on my front lawn I’d be entitled to evict that person. This isn’t so much a matter of free speech as it is a matter of respect, courtesy etc…

  • Those are good  rules, Cam. 
    And agreed it’s your place/your rules. 

    It seems to me that particular anonymous commenter copped a disproportionate response, as you suggest. You were not obliged to publish his comment, however. Your actions resulted from a cumulative blue funk, by the sound of things. 

    I remain bemused at the double standard on free speech demonstrated by other commenters. 

    – Peter

  • BR

    What I find objectionable about this turkey is that if he has time enough on his hands to send frivolous hate emails from his work computer, then whatever government department he works for is way over staffed. In any kind of efficiently run organization no one has time to waste on such pointless nonsense. If the government was acting in the best interests of the taxpayer, they would be throwing this bastard onto the dole at the earliest opportunity.


  • Axle

    Dear Cameron
    Thank you Peter A. My Workmates were marvellous, top and down. I must be the first little fella to be highlighted by the third most read berlog in zealand,. Cam I did note that you have obeyed your rules, although if they’re true it’s astonishing you don’t include a number 6 – screw the rules, I’ll throw ya to some dumb dogs if you really piss me off. After all you did email me legit this morning didn’t ya , mano mano, and I answered didn’t I. You will note that I have supplied my home email address this time which shock surprise I was at when I vented my sperleen atcha last morning – correct Pete, 1am fucks sake. As per tradition in the peculiar case of Cameron, the wee vassals barrelled in with calls to my superiors at work as if my wee voice was an imperative of my institution. Doh. Having only blogged about five times anywhere I’m immensely proud to have set a precedent, and I’ll give my street address if you want Cameron. I make excellent curries, I’ve got an expanding tummy and we could do pilates with Kevin Taylor (lives so close).

    • Spanishbride

      Glad you took it so well Axle

      It is important to remember that actions have consequences. You can’t throw shit and be surprised if it is thrown back. Best you save your hate speech for some nice skin head organisation.Bet your workmates wouldn’t have been so supportive if you had sent that little gem to someone they knew and liked.Aren’t you lucky that WO supports free speech even when it is hate speech directed at him. Now your workmates know exactly who you are when you are not at work.You must be so proud.

  • TitanUranus

    You gotta love the sanctimony ,the lefties have it in spade loads.
    If they are worried about some double standard here ,they had better not venture over to the Labour run blogs,FFS ,where any contrary post is deleted before the faithful could possibly be challenged to think.

  • Lulu

    Emails at 1.00am and midnight? Very Andrew Williams.
    Talk about rules and double standards? This is the blogesphere. There are no hardwired rules.
    Support from top and bottom? Only tells us that your colleagues share your views and standards of behaviour.
    “We live to hate”? Really? Is that you most intellectual and clever thought? After a whole evening is that really the most compelling thought you can come up with?
    Left or right that is pathetic and you are pathetic. By inference your workmates top and bottom are pathetic. Little children are capable of better than that.
    “Mano e Mano”? Don’t make me laugh.

  • Hard1

    Mr. Burton , you are exhibiting signs of a borderline personality disorder . Whilst Cameron Slater deals in facts , however ‘hateful’ his comments may appear , you find his outing of politician’s falsehoods somehow below the belt .
    Your comments belong in the school yard , from which you have not graduated . You will not feel at all insulted that you have been outed as suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome . Your only love is self love , your only pity is self pity . You are immensely proud of having your inner demons showcased in public , for you enjoy being bathed in publicity .
    Let’s see if you can resist digging yourself a deeper hole .

  • Agent BallSack

    ‘My Work­mates were mar­vel­lous, top and down.’

    In other words, theyre all rabid pinkos who believe its okay to insinuate that Whale was fucked by his father? Its no wonder all the left weblogs are moderated, with all those poor socially deprived people who have to be told how to think. Thank fuck for places like this…where its okay to have an opinion Axle, slightly creepy and insulting as it is…Never on RedAlert however, meh?

  • LoveLabour…yeah right

    What an idiot…no doubt drunk with his ginger mate who got the sack after trying to get it on with a male student…what attracts these types to labour….the lonely, depressed, chip on shoulder, bottom lip dragging people…they should stick to striking and stuffing up production everywhere…go get em Cam.