Thurston Place College, ctd

Labour and the Stop Thurston Place College protestors would have you believe that locals haven’t been consulted about the building of a new school.

What they don’t tell you is that the school isn’t being “built” is already exists. In fact what they also won’t tell you is that the proposal is actually an improvement on the situation that existed when it was Waimokoia School that contained residential facilities for youth meaning it was populated 24/7.

The new proposals mean the school operates only on normal school operating times. A far greater improvement on the past. But Labour and the protestors don’t want you to know that, because they don’t care about at-risk kids, they only care about the property values of mid to top end residents. They believe that these kids can be adequately catered for anywhere but here. It is despicable and nasty nimbyism of the worst kind.

Just so you can get a better understanding, here is a shot from Google Maps satellite view showing the school and all its buildings. Make no mistake, a school already exists, the land already is designated as a school, and is Ministry of Education land. No matter what the protestors or Labour will tell you, there is going to be a school of some sort on that land.

What the protestors and Labour want though is a school of better behaved and more affluent children it seems. Their behaviour is appalling.



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  • Michael

    I live near the Epuni Care and Protection Unit. It has a school attached and there are no problems. This is classic nimbyism from the middle classes, bet you if it was announced the school was going to move to Otara they’d be pleased and lose interest in the issue.

  • prince o whales

    These are not ‘middle classes’, they are residents who live next door.
    Was Epuni allready there when you moved in or did you even know about it

    • Changed your handle…that is a bit misleading isn’t it?

  • crumble

    First time I think I have ever agreed with you on something :)

  • Andrea

    Here is a news flash for you. Google maps isn’t updated that regularly. Get out from behind your computer and visit the site – there is nothing there. The Ministry of Education has demolished the entire school.
    Yes, Waimokoia was a residential facility. But it was for 30 primary school aged children.
    Thurston Place College is going to be for up to 100 secondary school aged children – all with such severe behavioural problems they apparently cannot be mainstreamed.
    And yes Thurston is going to be a day facility – which means 100 kids (the school is being staffed for that number from the outset) will be bussed or taxied in every morning from mostly south Auckland (and yes that information is directly from the Ministry of Education).
    Do a bit of research and see that the Ministry of Education has told Anne Tolley it is going to be hard to manage 100 such students on one site – it has never been done before.
    Anne Tolley is also ignoring advice that it would be better to mainstream these students in small numbers with wraparound services. This has been in the local media several times, but I’ll repeat it again: Our local schools (Macleans College and Bucklands Beach intermediate) have offered to take some of the students because it would be better for them and better for our community. They were told no by Anne Tolley: “You don’t want these kids in your school”.
    Do you seriously believe it is a good idea to put 100 kids with severe behavioural problems, girls and boys, ages 11 to 17, all together in one building?
    Try reading this
    If you still believe its a good idea to build a school for 100 such students next to a primary school ANYWHERE in New Zealand – you are delusional.
    They deserve better and so do the kids of Bucklands Beach.