Turning the screws

Boo hoo. The principal of this school (a rep for NZPF) has been all over local media slagging off government policy and bragging about breaking the law.

Now action has been taken against him.

The fono still went ahead but not at his school. Big deal. But here’s the interesting part of the story:

Mr Godfery said Pembroke School had a significant roll of pupils for whom English was their second language.

They are meant to be measured and labelled against these English standards.

This is not fair.

So according to this principal, it’s not fair that the Government is telling schools to teach kids to a level where they can succeed – in English – in New Zealand.

God help us all.

The saddest part of all this is that the story is on the front of the ODT with a picture of the principal and the schoolkids.

These people really are dreadful – hiding behind kids so they can push their political views and avoid the big question – why is he allowing them to fail?


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  • DangerMice

    “We were then told if we did not, the ministry could no longer work with Pembroke School because we weren’t following the rules,” principal Brent Godfery said.”

    Oh look, real life consequences. Shits getting real now huh?

  • Just Right

    Bet only Pasifika kids allowed in that photo too! Looks oh so slightly staged! So, Mr Godfrey, given your high proportion of English as a Second Language kiddies, what pray tell have you done to assist them? What support have you arranged to get them up to standard? Or have you simply decided to use them as canon fodder in your war against accountability?

  • Gazzaw

    Godfery doesnt give a rat’s ass about the Pasifika issue and he’ll fold once he sees his six figure salary at risk.

  • thor42

    Sigh……. yet another tosser in the education system. It’s infested with them.
    This is why Tolley should destroy the teacher unions once and for all.
    Bring in pay-for-performance. If you don’t sign a pay-for-performance contract, you’re gone.
    Bring in education vouchers for parents to use at the school of their choice.
    If a primary school ANYWHERE in this country does not have every one of its children at a competent reading and writing level within (say) five years from now, there should be naming-and-shaming of the school, the principal and the teachers.
    A commissioner should then be appointed to run the school. The bastard teachers have had more than enough time to get their shit together.

  • Gary

    The same principal has complained in another local paper that the removal of the fono from the school and suggestions that other funding will be cut, was “bullying tactics.” My question to him is that if there is a loss of privileges for his school when it breaks the law by not implementing Nartional Standards, is that any different to his and every other school removing privileges from pupils when they break rules? Are the schools using bullying tactics too?

    It is time that Godfery and the rest of the law-breaking teachers and BOTs realise that parents really do want a system where they can see how their child is doing in the scheme of things. It is time to put the pupils first and to put their energies into providing effective education rather than breaking the law.