Tweet of the Day

from Sue Moroney….I think she is talking to Darien Fenton.

Yep looks like the stealing underpants plan is well underway. This will help their election chances no end.


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  • They just don’t get it. The public is sick and tired of their pettiness, and the small-minded attacks on Key and others.

  • gaskranken

    Moist- Crackhead!!!! Who comes up with these names or is there an iPhone app that has a random blog post handle generator, moist crackhead, really????

  • jabba

    can’t imagine Labours education spokesman/woman whould say sweet fuck in a public forum .. mmmm, maybe she would as the pressure she must be under would be substantual

  • orange

    Did she try quoting someone and it go horribly wrong (the stray quote mark and the start)? And if she did what a really silly thing to quote.

  • thor42

    A “capital gains tax” can be **very** complicated (if you **make** it so….. ).
    For example – if I remember correctly, Labour’s proposed CGT would tax gains on shares but not artworks (and that’s only a start). Then there are things like lottery or TAB winnings – I can’t remember if the proposed CGT hits them or not. ( I have a feeling that it may not…. )

  • adolffiinkensein

    How lady-like. She must be on Niagra.

  • There will be infinite possible variations of CGT avoidance / evasion (call it what you will, I suspect very little extra tax will get paid).

    For example, immediately prior to a business being sold its owner could simply eliminate his/her capital gain by increasing their own wages by the relevant amount (whether by one-off fee, artificially higher wage for that particular fortnight or whatever). Will that be contemplated in the legislation, if ever it should see the light of day? And there’s plenty more where that came from.

    No wait, don’t tell me … along with all the other actual detail of the scheme, this will be left to the so-called expert panel. Good luck, I say, to the panel – and rather them than me.