Tweet of the Week

David Farrar had a wee bit of a skite. Though how sitting in a corporate box with socialists like Nikki Kaye, Neigh-neigh Ardern and worse still Phil Goff, and the crippled cyclist Trevor Mallard, could ever be considered fun is beyond me.

So he has his wee skite on Twitter and hell was unleashed by SportsFreak.

Isn’t it tragic that two childless spinsters have to take Trevor Mallard and David Farrar to the rugby as their dates? They are both attractive women surely the man drought isn’t so harsh in Auckland that they couldn’t do better than those two sad sacks?


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  • HappyFeet

    Ardern and Kaye should both be wiped from their Party lists for such inept choices of dates. I mean really, a cripple and a penguin?

    Is the man drought THAT bad???

    A commission of inquiry should start forthwith.

  • happier feet

    I wonder if Nikki and Jacinda let Penguin and Duck carry their handbags while they get to their seats?

  • mediatart

    I allways thought NK was penguins secret ‘other half’. All those trips to great barrier and staying at a ‘friends ‘ place while in Jaffaland.