Tweets of the Week

via Keeping Stock

and while Phil Goff was out West he tweeted this:

Just as well they know who he is, no one else in the country does. Thank god for NZEI indoctrination of yoof, I say.


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  • thor42

    Gawd. If “knowing who Goof is and what he does” is the criterion for a child to be “smart”, then LiarBore are a shitload worse than I thought they were.
    I have a question to ask Goof. “Why did the last Labour government leave office with 20% of children in the country being unable to read or write? You bastards had ***nine f**king years*** to make an impact on that, and yet you did f**k-all.”
    ( The reason, of course, is that Liarbore would never, ever upset the education unions. Pay-for-performance? Nah. Children a higher priority than teachers? Nah. )