Unbranding – Abandoning the Brand

I posted the other day about Labour candidates abandoning their toxic brand. The technical term is unbranding.

Here is an example from Napier, where Stuart Nash is building a personal brand rather than a party brand. He is definitely unbranding Labour.

I feel sorry for Stuart, he can’t win Napier and on current polling under the inept leadership of Phil Goff he won’t be back in parliament. Labour has decided that more capable people like Parekura Horomia, Su’a William Sio, Darien Fenton, Moana Mackey, Rajen Prasad and Carol Beaumont all deserve higher places on the list than him.



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  • MaryBoppins

    “Labour has decided that more capa­ble peo­ple like Parekura Horo­mia, Su’a William Sio, Darien Fen­ton, Moana Mackey, Rajen Prasad and Carol Beau­mont all deserve higher places on the list”. What a depressing line. Add Sepuloni to the mix and youve got a gaggle of dysfunctional grim reapers trying to buy up souls by claiming apocalypse. Will cut Prasad a bit of slack though.

  • Gazzaw

    Should Silent T pursue the same style of signage as Nash the graffitiists will have great fun with their spray cans.

  • Hey Nash! Hum with me….

    “Suicide is painless…
    …it brings on many changes…”

    If you’re going to pass off on the intellectual property of someone else (I don’t think Fair Use under Parody applies here, do you?), then at least choose something that doesn’t have anything to do with war punctuated by a theme song about suicide.

    Not only that, it has gems in those lyrics like

    “The only way to win is cheat
    And lay it down before I’m beat
    and to another give my seat
    for that’s the only painless feat.”

    Good grief. (FACEPALM)


    You decided to pass off on THAT?

    Do you HAVE a brain?

    Is it on?

  • Cam, why not do a little video with the N*A*S*H sign, overlaid with the verse above with sub titles? I’d do it myself, but since you’re a dole bludging psycho with nothing better to do than run National attack lines ‘n all ;) Not as if you’re out on the bike, are ya?

  • thor42

    Looks like Nash has indulged in “intellectual property theft” to me – carried out by people who are anything *but* intellectual.
    I’ve notified CBS of this (they were the original broadcasters of M*A*S*H).
    Let’s see what happens…… ;)

  • @Petal
    Play the ball, not the man. Calling Cam a “dole bludging psycho” is below the belt.

    Nash is by no means the worst Labour MP, and he is tribal Labour. If he is unbranding, the ship is sinking. Hooten might be right — the greens could get 12.5% or higher. They are already acting as the real opposition party, to my horror.

    • LOL. As regular readers will realise, and by the absence of a Cam retort I’m happy to see Cam also does, I was temporarily taking on the role of the drive-by commenter that occasionally frequents this blog.

      In English: I was kidding.

  • pdm

    N – not
    A – a
    S – show
    H – here

  • Sam

    You guys make me laugh. That you guys think that this is some sort of intellectual property theft is hilarious, who off, the US Army, Richard Hooker (anyone here actually heard of him – google it). Seriously the guys who made the TV show will be at the back of the non existent queue.

    You know what, keep at it, keep talking about his branding, I’m sure he will love the publicity.

    • Good. I was going for humour. The tongue in cheek thing seems to have been lost on most people (again).

      You can’t beat this though:

      “The only way to win is cheat
      And lay it down before I’m beat
      and to another give my seat
      for that’s the only pain­less feat.”

      • Sam

        There is probably a bloody great thesis for some one on popular culture here. Here is a guy who has parodied a logo that matches his name fairly closely, a logo first employed by the US Army in Korea, but which became a popular TV show, and what do most people (on here) associate this branding with, not a character, not a plot line, not even the military. No, the theme song, and the full vocal version, not even the instrumental used for the show…

        It’s like someone having a Golden Retriever dog and everyone thinking about the lyrics from Neighbours (Bouncer for those who are too young or discerning to recall) (or was it a Lab??)

        But OK, the shown juxtaposition is a tad awkward… Still, good on him for doing something different. If he has no chance as Cam say, what has he got to lose, (oh, and who is he standing against – hoarding must be doing some good).

  • Napier Tourism

    If Nash is developing his sub brand what is happening to the silent T

  • Napier Tourism

    Re abandoning the brand; Is NASH becoming a Napier brand occupying the vacuum left by the silent “T”?